Place Branding

06 Jun 2016
Place Branding | 2 min read

‘So why are you called UP THERE, EVERYWHERE?’

It's a question that gets asked a lot. We do have a name that sort of ...

26 Feb 2016

Three elements of great place branding

When it comes to creating a place brand that works, there is much more...

17 Nov 2015

Place branding podcast focuses on Boston, the inbound revolution and iconic landmarks

In the third episode of Wish You Were Here: The Place Branding Podcast...

14 Oct 2015

Place branding podcast focuses on New York

Episode 2 of the The Place Branding Podcast: Wish You Were Here featur...

04 Mar 2015
Place Branding UP FOR REAL | 12 min read

TED Talk: Greece and the "C" word

Greece. So what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Well, unfortun...

28 Jan 2015

Q&A Place Branding and Destination Marketing

Q: What is the place branding process like? A: Branding a place, wheth...

04 Dec 2014
Place Branding | 2 min read

Place Branding: Roffa Rising

Years ago I used to work on the Beefeater Gin business in the UK. It's...

22 Nov 2014

A Case for Place Branding in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff? Definitely not Lagom. I've lived in Sweden a good few years n...

11 Oct 2014

3 Lessons in Place Branding Excellence

I was recently fortunate enough to one of the judges on the PlaceBrand...

23 Jun 2014

Logos in place branding: Gimmicks or Social Change-makers?

The place branding community is constantly arguing about the value of ...

11 Feb 2014

Place Branding: The $50 Billion Dollar Gold Medal

I don’t watch much television. Firstly it’s mostly filled with rubbish...

30 Jan 2014

Hollywoodland. Putting Tinsel Town on the Map with Place Branding

Maybe it’s because I’m a total classic film nut, but for me one of the...

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