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Research is the basis to creating a solid brand and communications strategy

UP LAB: Market Analysis & research

Understanding is key

UP starts all major marketing, branding, advertising, digital and creative service projects with a deep understanding of your customers, competitors and marketplace.  This covers both quantitative and qualitative research and can range from desk and digital research to online surveys, telephone interviews and focus groups.

We have a vast experience with market research and can undertake original research if needed.  We don’t forget the importance of internal research either. Most often we find the key to igniting a campaign, brand or organization is to be found internally.

As part of our Audit Phase (using our BASE-UP program) we will often run an internal Start Me UP workshop session. UP has many years of experience running these sessions on every continent for clients ranging from small start ups to the likes of Microsoft and GE. Better understanding and insight is the beginning of any good creative or marketing plan.

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Introducing UP LAB

Market research and analysis services

Market research has historically been disconnected from advertising and brand strategy. Most market research agencies are separate from advertising and branding companies and often this transition creates a fracture in the end message. We created UP LAB which is a venture founded and run by scientists and marketers who believe a company’s insight should be directly connected to its brand messaging.

Market research is truly the beginning of the marketing process; a process that is constantly evolving with the brand. Our connection to medical professionals, scientists and everyday consumers brings incredible value to our process.

With our fully integrated and scientific approach to market research, we can develop a strategy that perfectly fits your branding, communication and digital ambitions. Importantly, as your brand evolves, our approach evolves too. Right from the start, the methods we use and the questions we ask are designed with every aspect of your strategy in mind.

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Start with a workshop

To help focus your marketing, UP runs Start Me UP, brand strategy, and INBOUND marketing workshops. Contact us to find out more.

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Scalable, flexible, useful, and fast research with global reach

UP Lab is designed and run by UP’s senior data scientists and life scientists. We firmly believe that your market insights should be actionable and directly inform how you sculpt your brand promise and value propositions, and thereby your business offering. By igniting your brand with the power to excite your audience — solidly informed by market research to understand your customers’ perceptions and challenges — we generate more value for you. With focus on customer relevance, you gain deeper connection with your customers’ needs. They will pay attention to you when your message strikes at the heart of what matters to them.

Access to the right participants

UP provides resources to gather the right panel participants at the right time, whether a diverse group of scientific experts with experience using ultra-low temperature freezers to CEOs of smart tech startups. UP LAB uses online platforms and targeting to find qualified participants for each survey or interview. UP offers a large, dynamic and responsive cloud-based panel to address a number of business questions.

Combining science and marketing

UP LAB has developed a tried-and-true method for combining the validity measures of scientific research with the applicability of market research to generate insights that lead to the next step of strategy, design and communications. Our new approach to connecting with medical professionals, scientists, thought leaders and everyday consumers leads to more relevant information. 

Research creating serious impact

Our research department works hand in hand with our strategy and marketing departments to provide a seamless process from insight to impact. The research centers around the questions that must be asked to take the brand to the next level; and our results speak for themselves. The unique insights we gain for you can be applied directly, helping you to make better choices for your brand’s position, value propositions and offerings to your customers.

What UP LAB offers

Use research to fuel your business insights and drive your marketing.

Internal surveys

Find out what your employees or network have to say about your brand. Discover opportunities, benchmark yourselves against competition and harness the power of your community to drive your business forward.

External surveys

Empower the voices of your customers to give your business a distinct advantage in the market. UP Lab uses our technical platform and targeted strategies to find the right participants for your surveys.

Continuous benchmarking

Measure your progress against your competition with continuous benchmarking. 

Expert interview panels

Capture insights from experts digitally and in person. Responses will be analyzed and made into dynamic summary videos.

Personalized industry reports

Industry analysis and forecasting done annually, quarterly, or upon request. Real time industry reports (Coming Q3 2021) driven by big data and machine learning. 

Digital research

All research is done in the cloud and is thus faster, more global, and more convenient for respondents and panelists. Ask about our zoom panels summary videos.

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