About UP the global cloud based agency

About UP

The world’s first global cloud-based, full service agency

Delivering branding, marketing, creative, content and digital services around the world

We help our clients with everything from market research, branding and identity through to communications, events, digital content marketing, social media and film. With our unique business model our constant aim is to do more, achieve more and deliver more than any other agency – anywhere.

Truly global 

No matter what time it is, someone is always UP. Because our teams span the globe, we can work on client projects 24/7. This boosts our efficiency and speed, making us much more flexible than any other agency in the world.

Less Admin. More People

There’s no hierarchy at UP.  We’re flat as a pancake. We utilise the very best cloud based tools with everything being run by the unique UP Business System. With fewer distractions, we focus purely on delivering great work for our clients. That means better results for you, wherever you are. Teams are created based on who will be the best fit on a particular client project and not driven by internal agency financial demands.

How can we help?

The future’s bright and we’re excited about it. We could be exactly what you’re looking for. Ask us what more we could do for you.

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Our history. It started as just an idea…

In the autumn of 2010, we started to plan a completely new type of agency using the power and flexibility of the cloud to deliver strategic and creative services wherever clients needed them. An agency that was a global, creative, collaborative community of like-minded individuals. In January 2011, we launched UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the world's first global cloud based agency.

Today we have people in over 20 locations around the world and our international teams are changing the way the world works when it comes to branding, marketing communications and digital delivery. Our teams work around the globe, harnessing powerful cloud-based tools and processes to deliver amazing results for our clients. We think that’s a pretty good idea.

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What is e-ployment?

E-Ployment is a new way of working providing the support of employment, with the freedom of being an individual worker all enabled via easy to access cloud based tools. 

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