Place Branding

13 Mar 2018

Eight seconds to impress. Does your logo do it?

For many companies, the logo is the essence of the brand. Yet, are log...

07 Mar 2018

Cool Ideas in Place Branding

When it comes to destination marketing, there are a lot of examples of...

28 Feb 2018

Place branding? It’s not about the logo

Then what is it all about? That’s the provocative question we’ll be de...

15 Feb 2018

Place branding book: Wish You Were Here

Place branding and destination marketing Wish You Were Here, The Brand...

26 Jan 2018

The Place Branding Podcast: Liverpool

The Place Branding Podcast, Wish You Were Here. This edition: Liverpoo...

27 Oct 2017
Place Branding | 1 min read

Branding Scandinavia’s #1 Attraction: Royal Djurgården

An exciting new place brand identity for Royal Djurgården (the Royal G...

05 Jun 2017
Place Branding | 10 min read

Places & Brand Reputation. How Fragile?

Update to Original Blog Post from August 24, 2016 It's been a year sin...

28 Mar 2017
Place Branding | 3 min read

Can cities be brands?

The logo that transformed a city Today’s New York City is a delight; o...

28 Jan 2017
Place Branding | 1 min read

The Branding of Djurgården, Stockholm's Royal City Park

A team led by Julian Stubbs from UP THERE, EVERYWHERE have been workin...

12 Dec 2016

Film Interview: Place Branding with Julian Stubbs, Alba lulia, Rumania.

Film interview from September 2016 with Julian Stubbs in Alba lulia, R...

08 Dec 2016

Speech on Place Branding with Ken Livingstone, at Almaty Invest 2016, Kazakhstan. 

Gave a keynote speech today on Place Branding & Marketing at the Almat...

23 Nov 2016
Place Branding | 19 min read

Place Branding: Stockholm The Capital of Scandinavia Ten Years On

Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia has now been in place as a market...

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