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Why choose a cloud-based agency?

The world is changing rapidly — today’s business challenges are more complex than ever and brands are struggling to stay ahead. Your marketing challenges need agile, global, multi-disciplined teams of experienced minds. Traditional advertising, marketing and digital agencies are built around fixed head costs, siloed profit centers and limited in-house capabilities. It's not just about having access to online, cloud-based, and AI tools; it's about leveraging them to reimagine the agency's operational approach and enhance client service, resulting in heightened productivity and value. This is what sets UP apart, making it truly unique among global agencies.

That is why we created UP, the world's first global cloud-based full-service agency. To identify, design, produce and measure the bravest and boldest ideas that truly move your business forward. Sound good? Then talk with us. 

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A unique way of working

Because of the unique working model we have a huge advantage over traditional agencies when it comes to the scope of services we can offer, where we can deliver them, as well as the value we deliver.

Being cloud-based, means we operate with the lowest possible overheads of any agency globally and when needed can work 24/7 on client projects.

Our model also means we hand pick the right team from our talented specialists and experts across all relevant disciplines to bring value and growth and the most original solutions to your business.

Our members include a rich international mix of professionals with a truly global outlook – and global locations. 

6 reasons to choose UP

Global talent, specialist expertise

UP creates the perfect team for your project from among our wide range of people around the world. Smart, experienced, people who work with you as your dedicated team. Traditional agencies are restricted by the people they have available in a specific location. With our unique model, we have none of those restrictive issues and always choose the best team for your needs, whether you need a foot on the ground or a specialized expert across the globe.

Multi-disciplinary, multi-industry

Many agencies promise a multidisciplinary offering and people with a deep understanding of different industries, but few actually have the in-house capability to deliver it. Our model means we’re capable of doing more than any other agency globally.

Domestic or global

We’re equally comfortable working internationally or domestically for clients and brands that demand a fresh, innovative, approach. The choice is yours. Many of our domestic clients choose an international team because of experience or the fact that someone from the outside brings a fresh insight. It’s up to you.  

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UP’s model means we can offer more flexibility than any other agency globally. Flexibility in project pricing, flexibility in teams, and flexibility in the way the project is executed. Because of the range of talent we have in different locations, we can create a team to meet your specific budgetary needs.


Always UP

We live in a 24/7 world, we think an agency should be capable of working that way as well.  No matter what time it is, someone is always UP. Because our teams span the globe, we can work on client projects 24/7. This boosts our efficiency and speed, making us more flexible than any other agency in the world – an asset our clients love.

Proven process

BASE-UP® is our own project management process. It was developed by UP’s founder Julian Stubbs over fifteen years ago even before UP was created, and is used to manage and run all client projects.

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Elizabeth nelson

Elizabeth Nelson, PhD

Head of UP LAB | Researcher | The Netherlands

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Robert England, PhD

Head of UP FOR LIFE | Writer & Strategist | Sweden

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Cordell Burke

Creative Services Managing Director | UK

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