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Why Choose UP?

We'll move your business forward like no other agency can

Why choose a cloud-based agency?

The world is changing rapidly, today’s business challenges are more complex than ever and brands are struggling to stay ahead. Today’s marketing challenges need agile, global, multi-disciplined teams of experienced minds. Traditional advertising, marketing and digital agencies are built around fixed head costs, siloed profit centres and limited in-house capabilities.

That is why we created UP, the world's first global cloud based fullservice agency to identify, design, produce and measure the bravest boldest ideas that truly move your business forward.

Up global cloud based agency

For clients who think bigger

We work with progressive clients across many industries, with curated global teams to propel their business and brand forward.

Because of the unique UP Business System and our way of working through the cloud, we have a huge advantage over traditional agencies when it comes to the scope of services we can offer, where we can deliver them, as well as the value we can deliver. Being cloud-based, means we operate with the lowest possible overheads of any agency globally and when needed can work 24/7 on client projects.

But it also means we hand pick from around the globe the specialists and experts across all relevant disciplines to bring value and growth and the most original solutions to your business.

5 Reasons to Choose UP

1. Global talent. Specialist expertise.

UP creates the perfect team for your project from our wide range of people around the world. Smart, experienced, people, who work with you as your team. With our cloud based tools, systems and process we have the capability of assembling the best team to focus on your brief. Most traditional agencies are restricted by the people they have available in a specific location. That’s because they’re driven by a focus on individual profit centres.

With the unique UP Business System we have none of those restrictive issues and always choose the best team for our clients project. We involve clients in choosing the right team to suit their needs and again we have no vested interests in any particular team make-up.(link to How we work).

2. Multi-disciplinary, multi-industry.

Many agencies promise a multidisciplinary offering and people with a deep understanding of different industries, but few actually have the in-house capability to deliver it. Our model means we’re capable of doing more than any other agency globally.

3. Domestic or Global

We’re equally comfortable working internationally or domestically for clients and brands that demand a fresh, innovative, approach. The choice is yours. Many of our domestic clients choose an international team because of experience or the fact that someone from the outside brings a fresh insight. Again the choice is yours.

4. Flexibility

Again because of the UP Business System we can offer more flexibility than any other agency globally. Flexibility in project pricing, flexibility in the teams and flexibility in the way the project is executed. Because of the range of talent we are able to offer in different locations we often create a team to meet a clients specific budget needs.

5. Always UP

We live in a 24/7 world, we think an agency should be capable of working that way as well.  No matter what time it is, someone is always UP. Because our teams span the globe, we can work on client projects 24/7. This boosts our efficiency and speed, making us more flexible than any other agency in the world – an asset our clients love.

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Free brand evaluation

How well does your brand work? You might think your brand is sound, but how effective is it in attracting the right audience? Have your understood your customer's pain? Are you differentiated from the competition? Apply for a free brand audit from UP to find out.

Free brand audit

Expect More

Working through the cloud with the UP Business System means we have created a unique agency globally. We make sure we pass on the benefits of this approach in the work we create but we are always asking how we can do more.

More for our clients, by delivering unique teams that a traditional agency could not provide. Teams that deliver more thinking and more collaboration.

Expect more from UP Get more from UP  Expect more from UP   Get more from UPExpect more from UP

More choice 

More talent. More flexibility. More international. 

More delivery. More digital. More integrated.

More teamwork. More value.

Expect More

A team designed for your needs

Whether it’s writing copy content for a global life science client about human genetics, leading creative directors overseeing photo and film shoots remotely via the cloud or designing and producing the experience of an exhibitor at CES in Las Vegas, or even building a model in a 3D printer to help with a specialist film shoot for the aesthetics industry, we have experience and the right people.

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