What makes UP so special? Our unique cloud-based business model and our people. 

While the phrase may sound cliché, in our case, it's absolutely true. It's the people within UP who truly set us apart and make us exceptional We have some of the most talented people in our business and they deserve the spotlight. Our global community of more than 200 like-minded individuals work together in cohesive, globally distributed teams. Sometimes our teams are located near each other, and other times they are separated by continents. But wherever they are, they are like minded, bring expertise, diligence. strategic and creative thinking to their work.

Beware of fraudulent job and work offers through social media platforms

Please be vigilant against deceptive job and work offers circulating on social media platforms. Scammers may contact you under the guise of job opportunities, aiming to obtain your personal information or request payment.

Please note that UP THERE, EVERYWHERE does not provide mentor services, will never request payment for any related services, and does not initiate contact via messaging platforms like Telegram or WhatsApp. If you receive any such offers, we urge you to report them to your local authorities and refrain from engaging.

We would like to thank those who have forwarded us the evidence of this scam.

How do you join UP?

We are an exclusive and tight-knit community with handpicked teams and experts from all over the globe. To join UP you have to be recommended by one of our trusted clients or existing team members.
All applicants need to fill in this application form
It’s fair to say that the demands we place on our people and the way we work as a connected community are not for everyone. To ensure a high standard of applicant UP requires a referral from at least one existing person within UP and an endorsement from a second person after a personal interview.
Every week we get applicants wanting to join us from all over the world and we turn the majority down because they do not come with a referral, or they do not have the necessary background.

Apart from demonstrating excellence in a particular area, candidates have to agree to abide by a simple set of our Values, Rules and Business Conditions before a candidate is approved. And it's always an advantage if they bring something to the table that UP does not already have. 

Internship Opportunities at UP

At UP, we actively encourage students and recent graduates to participate in internships within our organisation. We firmly believe in giving back to our communities by providing valuable opportunities to aspiring individuals.

If you're interested in an internship position, we invite you to complete an application form for our consideration. We look forward to reviewing your application.

What does it take to join UP?

What does it take to join UP?

UP is a pretty exclusive community. To become a successful and long-term team member we would love to see that you agree with our values and how we work:
  • Positive - We choose to be positive. This mindset applies to how we treat each other, as well as what we can achieve for our clients.
  • Self-responsibility - Accountability to yourself and the team.
  • Work-life balance - Don’t work to live or live to work.

People joining UP also need an an entrepreneurial spirit with a proven track record of success and obviously must be comfortable working and living in the cloud. 

You might already have read about our unique e-ployment model. For more information just follow this link. 


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What UP team members are saying...

Nanako Engel-Mikkelsen cr


Nanako Engel-Mikkelsen

"The flexibility and freedom to work from wherever, whenever I want and still being part of a big community of like-minded professionals."



Cordell Burke

"Working with a global team gives you access to a huge and unique pool of creative and strategic talent every day."



Kate Adams

"UP empowers you with the ability to plug directly into a global community of creative and strategic people."


Join the UP Community

At UP, we’ve been changing the way the world works for over a decade. Our disruptive business model challenges the old style agency networks, delivering better value and services to our clients.
By joining the UP Global Community, you become part of a very select group of agency experts from around the world delivering on brand, marketing, and digital services.
Our team members our self starters. They make things happen. The more you put into UP, the more you will get out of it.
At UP, we believe the possibilities with our business model are limitless. Would you like to join us on our journey? Check out our current profile openings and see if you are a fit. Applications are by referral only, but if you believe that UP is for you, then write us a VERY convincing note, and we promise to take a closer look.
See you in the cloud!


What do you like about UP?

Our Black Diamond member Matt Wilkinson explains why he likes being a team member and leader within UP.


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