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With strategic place and city branding, you can make your place irresistible

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Your reputation precedes you

But if it doesn’t, we can fix that together. A strong place brand helps you attract visitors, residents, talent and investors. And voila, your place is now a destination

Unite everyone around a shared vision

Working with UP FOR REAL, a global place branding agency, you can cut through complexity, moving from confusion and disagreement to clarity and action.

Meet the destination branding experts

We help you get under the skin of your place, identify its unique selling points then communicate them powerfully to a wide and relevant audience.

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A selection of our clients

Some of our place branding work

Place branding for tourism and economic development


Sustainable tourism

Create a brand that visitors find exciting. We help you define your position and turn residents and local businesses into passionate ambassadors for your place.


Investment & talent

Competing with other places using financial incentives is a race to the bottom. Attract investors and talent by making an emotional connection.


Residential growth

Successful people make successful places. With the right city branding, you can entice the types of people who build flourishing communities. 


Turn local knowledge into global impact

The UP FOR REAL team is brimming with talented designers, filmmakers and writers who bring ideas to life beautifully. We also have branding expertise across specific sectors including tourism, financial services, IT and life sciences. This formidable combination means you get more impact for your money.

We work in six time zones and speak your language. So wherever you are, we’re sure to find common ground. And, thanks to our use of the latest cloud-based collaboration tools, you can expect swift and efficient service.

Are you ready to put your place on the map?

Effective, from start to finish.

Our services for place branding projects include:

Market research & analysis

Rather than relying on your own assumptions, choose the right people and ask the right questions. Gather vital intelligence to strengthen your place branding strategy with brand audits, media analysis, stakeholder workshops and community engagement.

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Branding & communication

Guided by a clear strategy, your place branding project is set for success. We help you define your goals and choose the best route to reach them. This includes involving all your stakeholders, scrutinizing your strengths and weaknesses, and creating a strong market position. 

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Digital marketing & websites

Make sure your online presence promotes your place as well as you. We help with digital strategy from idea to execution across all channels. Not least, building a content-rich, well-designed and user-friendly website that works smoothly on any platform.

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Explore website design and build

What our clients say...

"We wanted a program that was different.  We wanted something inspirational.  UP THERE, EVERYWHERE were the perfect partners for that."


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Insights from place branding experts: podcasts and webinars


Place Branding Question Time: webinar series

Watch the recording from the first Place Branding Question Time: "Closed for Business - Is Inward Investment Dead?"  a 60-minute webinar discussion panel with questions from the audience. 

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Place Branding podcast series: Wish You Were Here

Are you passionate about place branding? Or curious to learn more about how to market destinations? Either way, you’re invited to join us on a journey to uncover the most compelling examples of place branding and destination marketing in the world. The Place Branding Podcast takes you to some of the world’s most intertsing destinations to talk to people who live and breath place branding.

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Place branding and destination marketing explained

Wish You Were Here, The Branding of Stockholm and Destinations is a book on place branding from Julian Stubbs, one of the founders of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE.

It covers the key elements in developing a successful destination branding program and looks at other relevant examples from around the world, such as New York, Liverpool, Barcelona, The Ice Hotel, Hollywood and more. 

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We work with places that are ready to transform

Get out of your own head! It’s a really tricky thing to do, but essential for good place branding. Only once you’ve seen things from your audience's perspective can you find the best way to communicate with them.

  • We already work with local government bodies and partnerships 
  • Place branding projects need the experienced, dedicated teams we have to ensure time and money aren't wasted 
  • Above all be real. Whatever angle you choose to promote your place, it must have deep roots

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