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Connecting with your customers remotely

Webinars, podcasts, digital content: Services to keep your business moving 

Expert advice and support to connect with your customers through the cloud

UP was born in the cloud. Since 2011 we have embraced remote working and invested in the software platforms and processes to operate our business globally.

Many companies today are struggling to find effective ways to reach their customers and partners as well as manage their internal teams, and continue with planned meetings or training using entirely virtual or online tools.

UP is here to help you. We have run webinars for anywhere from 50 to 5,000 attendees. Let our global team help you reach your customers, employees and partners remotely. 

We can help you with support and practical advice in the following areas:

  • Run customer and internal webinars
  • Create digital experiences for your customers
  • Prepare video, podcasts or other content to reach customers remotely
  • Move meetings and events into the cloud
  • Embrace digital communications tools including online chat, bots and marketing automation to streamline your marketing

Let us help. As experts in content creation, inbound marketing, digital marketing and cloud-based working, we can provide the support network you need to keep your business working during a time of social distancing and quarantine. 

UP Webinars

UP webinars and digital outreach  [Watch some recent webinars]


Up people globally working remotely

Webinar support from UP


  • Helping select the right webinar platform based on your IT needs and existing platforms. UP works with several webinar platforms to run global sessions
  • Webinar technical support: preparation, booking and running the actual session itself
  • We run both fully remote webinars (via computers with all panelists in remote locations) and in studio locations with  film crew.  This option includes one / two cameras, microphones,  switching equipment


  • Production of introduction film with titles and music track. This film can also be used in webinar promotion
  • Project management overall: project manager for the entire webinar project
  • Moderators to manage the event, including preparation work
  • Design and production of posters / banners for background and stage setting
  • Content development and design - planning and scripting of all presentations, slide design and layout
  • Content management - setting up the entire presentation deck for the presentation sessions


  • Promotion on social media Facebook,  LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter: includes writing and posting as well as email outreach and writing
  • Paid outreach: managing and executing paid social media outreach
  • Tracking responses: management and analysis
  • Follow up post webinar:  posting files and finished production to website / sound cloud etc. 

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Jesper UP live broadcast webinar

creating a professional live broadcast webinar

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Want to run impactful customer webinars? 

Need to reach your customers or employees remotely? Connect with UP now about advice on how to run impactful  webinars. 

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Podcast support from UP


  • Idea creation for podcast
  • Naming, theme and format
  • Scripting  
  • Recording: In studio or remote, or in studio + remote  
  • Intro / outro creation (jingle) 
  • Editing  
  • Music sourcing
  • Interviews
  • Technical: file formatting and posting 


  • Promotion on social media Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Writing + posting across platforms
  • Promotion on paid social media 
  • SEO keyword analysis 
  • Media quoted separately


  • We also develop content for the website, on the podcast, typically 800 words
  • SEO check and keyword analysis
  • Image sourcing
  • Legal and regulatory approvals, typically with three revision rounds allowed
  • Development of infographics for specific topic in blog or for other use
digital experience ecommerce

Creating digital experiences: DPC+UP our digital agency


Where we’re seeing digitisation success

We have a very broad client base here at DPC+UP and as they get used to working from their dining room tables and hastily constructed home-offices, we are seeing the more-digitised businesses genuinely reaping the rewards.

One of our clients who have always sold training courses for their products are building some e-learning courses for remote instruction and accreditation. Using Adobe Captivate (and an e-learning expert) we are taking their courses into customer’s homes as well as hosting Q&A sessions with experts via webinars.

Another client, MicroBarBox, an online retailer of cocktail gift boxes has partnered with a gin tasting experience (Madam Geneva & Gent). 

From online conferences to e-commerce

Along with with Zoom’s fantastic video conference capabilities, they have taken the gin-tasting parties into their customers dining rooms (I have to admit that this has been the best “testing/tasting” for a client that I have ever had to do…).

It’s not just our traditional consumer eCommerce clients who are reaping the rewards, many of our B2B clients have implemented online product ordering. We’ve been using a number of slick eCommerce platforms that allow their customers to order and re-order effortlessly.

Even if your customers don’t have to pay for goods online, the eCommerce platforms that we use work just as well for B2B clients. This is a lot to do with the fact that they have many of the features needed “out of the box.”

B2B or B2C options

  • Tier pricing for different clients
  • Quantity pricing
  • Loyalty scheme
  • One-click re-ordering
  • Comprehensive product search including AJAX auto-predict search boxes
  • Multi-lingual sites all running from the same platform
  • Orders emailed to purchasing with PO’s attached

Most of the solutions however are rooted in two common features: MANY of them have implemented a flexible and feature-rich eCommerce platform, but ALL have enhanced their online communication channels.

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