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Eight seconds to impress. Does your logo do it?

March 13, 2018 | Don Macdonald

For many companies, the logo is the essence of the brand. Yet, are logos really what a brand is about? Today, many brands are streamlining their logo designs for the digital era. What does that say about traditional logo design? Are logos still relevant? Let's start by looking at how logos evolved.

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5 tell-tale signs of a weak brand and what you can do to strengthen it

January 22, 2018 | Ariën Breunis

Strong brands make more money than weak ones. Consumers flock to recognized names and strong brands. They also tend to pay premium prices for them. And what’s even better, they repeat this behavior again and again and again. This is obviously beneficial for both your revenue and your margin. That is, if you indeed have a strong brand.


What's the sound of your brand?

December 08, 2017 | Rolf Andersson

Modern science confirms what many of us have always known, instinctively: that music can effectively set your mood or instantly connect you to memories of the past and visions for the future; that it can activate your brain and enhance your learning. Reduce your stress and help you relax. Help you become more receptive, improve your physical performance and counteract any negative thoughts.

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Jump off the bandwagon: Four lessons in IT branding

December 04, 2017 | Mats Renée

Are you scalable, flexible and cost efficient, too?

How does your business describe itself? If you’re in the IT industry (in Sweden or elsewhere), chances are pretty good you describe yourself using one of these all-to-common buzzwords: Scalable. Flexible. Cost efficient. Sound familiar?

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UP supports "SUPERLATIVES" with new brand-focused content offering

June 20, 2017 | Shari Monnes | Boston

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke today at the "Day of German Industry" in which a new project called SUPERLATIVES – MADE IN GERMANY, produced in cooperation with BDI (The Voice of German Industry) and supported by UP,  was introduced to a large audience of business and opinion leaders.  The project is the brainchild of German-based photo agency fotogloria and the highly respected international photographer Christoph Morlinghaus.

Branding, Communications

Essential elements of brand consistency in video marketing

April 06, 2017 | Ewan Cameron

According to emarketer, ad spending on digital video in the US is predicted to reach $28.08 billion in 2020, up from $9.90 billion in 2016. And it's expected to continue to grow at double digit rates. 

As the viewing behavior of people dramatically changes, the importance of video sharing sites such as YouTube has greatly impacted the revenues of traditional TV advertising. As the old world dies, the new world is born. Traditional broadcast TV is dead, and on-demand online video is rapidly taking its place.

Digital, Branding, Video

What The Beatles Taught Me About Branding

March 01, 2017 | Julian Stubbs

How Do You Do It?

How do you create a great brand? Well, great brands get great by doing great things. Making brave decisions, sticking their necks out and importantly sticking to their principles.

Branding, Marketing Strategy

Top 5 branding mistakes  — and some hilarious examples

April 10, 2016 | Elizabeth Nelson

We’ve all seen terrible or confusing brand names and logos. Some brand blunders have even reached classic status in marketing textbooks. While the path to avoiding certain branding mistakes may seem obvious, it’s surprising that so many epic fails are made by even the biggest of companies.

International, Branding

Creating a strong IT brand means standing for something

November 05, 2015 | Mats Renée

Think of any great company, any one. Then think about what makes that company so successful.

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Q&A Place Branding and Destination Marketing

January 28, 2015 | Julian Stubbs

Q: What is the place branding process like?

A: Branding a place, whether it is a small village or a whole country, is probably the most complicated form of branding due to the fact that it is neither owned nor controlled by a single entity. From destination marketing and tourism to business development for place brands, everyone living within that area owns and influences the brand in one way or the other. And more often than not, many of the major stakeholders do not agree on what to do or how to do it. That is why the branding process is so important in place branding and destination marketing.

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