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It’s been 20 long years since the completion of the human genome project promised a bright future of personalized medicine and a healthcare revolution. In that time the cost to sequence a human genome has fallen from $2.7 billion in 1991 to less than $1000 per genome, opening a treasure trove of applications that can benefit human health and wellness, agriculture and animal health.

We understand the urgency of getting innovative genomic products and services to market in furthering human health and wellness and believe in working collaboratively and transparently with you to exceed expectations.

From PCR and sequencing instrumentation to complex reagents and cutting-edge AI data analysis platforms, the UP team has had the privilege of creating, launching and delivering campaigns for some of the most game-changing breakthroughs of the last decade.

UP has experts from every area of the genomics spectrum. Our skills in marketing are combined with excellence in creativity to get people to notice and remember you. This includes digital strategies to get attention and deliver click-throughs to your website, e-commerce to get them to buy the right product for their purpose, and quite simply understanding your product or service and how it fits into the rapidly expanding ecosystem of genomic offerings.

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The more complex the challenge, the better

At UP, our focus is on developing brands and communications for clients with sophisticated goods, services, messages, markets and ideas.

We call it High Involvement

We excel in particularly complex areas of medicine, science and technology. Whether it is the product mechanism of action, the regulatory minefield or the regional variations required, there are very few agencies that can compete with our knowledge or demonstrate the willingness to invest in your success as we do.

And when it comes to execution, we have the teams ready to go: Dedicated doers ready to execute your campaign in both the print and digital worlds. 

Our masterful marketers cut through the jargon to bring product benefits to the forefront whether for the patient, the HCP, the investor audience or internal stakeholders.



A global research team capable of getting in front of the right HCPs, collecting the data and insights you need to make global and regional strategic decisions


Scientific writers

Ready to explain the mechanism of action, competitive advantage or new innovation


Visual creators

We Multiple teams of video and photographers all over the world as well as CGI animators capable of bringing your technology to life in the digital world


Master creators

Master creators, combining to write and develop your visual and written language

UP LAB: a unique market research approach

Market research usually fails to deliver on its promise because it is disconnected from your work on your marketing message and your go-to-market plan. Worse still: although your market research, message and strategy are wholly interdependent, they are often farmed out to completely separate companies. This separation creates a fractured end result. And that means you end up with ineffective results.

UP has developed a unique approach that finds the most relevant respondents for your survey, using the near-infinite potential of individuals who have pre-categorized their expertise and experience. The results are always on target with the flexibility to design a survey to meet virtually any research need. 

With our fully integrated and scientific approach to market research, we can develop a strategy that perfectly fits your branding, communication and digital ambitions. Importantly, as your brand evolves, our approach evolves too. Right from the start, the methods we use and the questions we ask are designed with every aspect of your strategy in mind.

Our new approach to connecting with medical professionals, scientists, thought leaders and everyday consumers leads to more relevant information. The unique insights we gain for you can be applied directly, helping you to make better choices for your brand’s position, value propositions and offerings to your customers.

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“UP LAB offers a unique opportunity to integrate the worlds of branding and market research – building brands based on insight. We use solid research to drive transformative decision-making and marketing strategies.” 

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Elizabeth Nelson,
Head of UP LAB

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A process for genomics marketing

We believe fervently in the application of a collaborative and transparent way of working.  We'll translate your value propositions into emotional messages that your audience will understand and feel heard.

Through our BASE-UP® methodology we probe deeper to understand and reveal the true product benefit beyond function and mechanism of action.

And our Client Service teams provide more than just excellent management. They become your product and subject matter experts, capable of understanding the science and technology and ready to be your voice within the agency.

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