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Never has the pressure on healthcare systems been greater than it is today. As our global population continues to grow, brilliant minds throughout technology, healthcare, science and R&D drive the essential innovations needed to bring vital and cost efficient solutions to healthcare providers and patients around the world. 
From multi-million dollar radiotherapy and surgery tools, to negative pressure therapy devices, stents and every day wound dressings, the team at UP have been privileged to create, launch and deliver campaigns for some of the most important medical device breakthroughs of the last century.
The urgency of getting these products to markets around the world is something our teams are passionate about.

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Experts in medical device marketing

We believe fervently in the application of a collaborative and transparent way of working. Our teams are smart. We speak the language of your scientists, your engineers as well as the healthcare providers you equip.

Our strategic and creative teams are curious. Through our BASE-UP® methodology we probe deeper to understand and reveal the true product benefit beyond function and mechanism of action.

And our Client Service teams provide more than just excellent management. They become your product and subject matter experts, capable of understanding the science and technology and ready to be your voice within the agency.


The more complex the challenge, the better

We excel in particularly complex areas of medicine, science and technology. Whether it is the product mechanism of action, the regulatory minefield or the regional variations required, there are very few agencies that can compete with our knowledge or demonstrate the willingness to invest in your success as we do.


We are in-tune with regulatory requirements

We provide the added security of local presence across the world, enabling us to navigate regulatory nuances and requirements in partnership with client teams. We are experienced in working with both internal regulatory and legal teams as well as governing bodies including the FDA and EMA, and swiftly set up systems that work for our clients and ensure smooth and efficient approval processes.


We create work that matters

There are few areas of marketing that matter more to the human condition than those in the life sciences and medical technology. At UP you have a team that will work with you to get your product into the hands of the HCPs who can change lives. It’s an area we consider ourselves honored to work within.

Our full service offering

Strategy & Discovery

Rather than relying on your own assumptions, choose the right people and ask the right questions. Gather vital intelligence to strengthen your place branding strategy with brand audits, media analysis, stakeholder workshops and community engagement.

Branding & Communication

We help brands connect and engage by finding a unique voice in the market. From strategy and positioning, to logo and graphic design, to advertising campaigns, we produce identity and communications materials that build credibility, as well as sales.


Make sure your online presence promotes your place as well as you. We help with digital strategy from idea to execution across all channels from Google Ads to Instagram as well as creating beautiful usable websites with our full website design and development services.


We create all types of content and communications for clients. 

We have a team of inbound-certified content experts, writers and designers who know your market and can develop an inbound marketing strategy that will help you attract visitors to your website, convert them into leads and then into customers.


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We understand the medical device market from working with scale-ups to international enterprises.

Send us a message or connect with our UP for Life lead, Matt Wilkinson.


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