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Ecovadis Silver Sustainability Rating

UP's commitment

As the world’s first global cloud based agency, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At UP our CSR practices go beyond what traditional agencies do and are embedded in everything we do. We want UP to meet the very highest global standards and we work towards meeting all of the UN Sustainable Development goals.


UP has received the Ecovadis Silver Sustainability Rating Award.



Our CSR policy and practices are structured in three distinct parts


Part 1 : Being a global agency without the environmental impact

1.1 Remote working possibilities for all at UP mean reducing the impact of travel time and pollution caused by travel. UP also encourages public transport to lower CO2 emissions.

1.2 With our flexible Creative Space office arrangements, UP needs smaller offices than traditional companies. This has a positive effect on inner cities in terms of office footprint.

1.3 Using cloud based tools and technology for communications such as GO TO MEETING, SKYPE, DROPBOX, TEAMGANTT and FACETIME means more meetings can be held remotely, again reducing the need for face to face meetings and journeys, and increases efficiency.


Part 2 : Integrity at the heart of our business plan

2.1 One of our business divisions is UP FOR GOOD, where our focus is to create GOOD and RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS for our clients by educating and developing corporate social responsibility programs designed to make a difference where it is needed. We work with innovative partners to develop and promote ideas and programs to create positive impact and sustainability. In addition to working with all kinds of clients, we like to work with companies and organizations which are focused on sustainability, social wellbeing or are of a non-profit nature. Clients in this area include: IDF (International Diabetes Federation), AAAS (The American Association for the Advancement of Science), IWA (International Water Association), the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, the Science & SciLifeLab Young Scientist Prize, Masdar City UAE, The Human Protein Atlas (Sweden), and Royal Djurgården, Stockholm among others.

2.2 Our UP FOR LIFE division is focused on GOOD practices, ideas, solutions and better treatments for the human condition. We work with companies in genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, life science tools, medical device and healthcare. They are focused on new, better, faster solutions for cancer diagnostics, rare disease companion diagnostics, diabetes, Parkinson’s, psoriasis, CVD, labour issues, women’s health, prostate cancer, pharmaceuticals and much more.

2.3 And our UP FOR REAL division, all about PLACE branding, is where Environmental Impact is central, it’s measured, it’s visible, it’s talked about and therefore a key aspect of a PLACE’S positioning and status.

2.4 UP seeks to help clients to be responsible and to care about making a difference.


Part 3 : Social impact and respect for our people

3.1 Gender and nationality equality: UP consists of members from all over the world because we welcome diversity. It makes our team, our ideas and our solutions stronger, unique and global.

3.2 Work life balance: with far less commuting than typical companies can offer, we provide our people greater flexibility giving them the time they need and want for family and health.

3.3 UP actively encourages all people within the organization to donate time to projects that meet any of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. The company has furthermore committed to help sponsor and support those projects that we feel has a positive direct effect on our people and society. Some examples include supporting societies/programs for: Women in Engineering, Cancer Awareness, Sports for Children, Suicide Prevention, Water Conservation, as well as various health organizations.


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UP THERE, EVERYWHERE (UP) solemnly and unequivocally express their commitment to ethical management and to compliance with the law in all areas of their business and geographical locations. 

UP is dedicated to implementing our ethical code, which is reflected in the relationships with our members, partners, customers and suppliers. All these relationships are based on ethical principles, which allow us to offer quality services as a result of responsible behavior and integrity. 

This Ethical Commitment by the Board of Directors of UP extends to all members and partners.

Doing the right thing, the right way and if you see or suspect something, say it!

Our Ethical Commitment should be guided by the values that inspire us: integrity, transparency, responsibility and quality. 

  • Integrity means doing what is right. By acting according to our Ethical Commitment, others are able to see our ethical way of doing things.  
  • Transparency means open communication channels and openness to share information, if you see or suspect something – say it. We encourage everyone to speak up.
  • Responsibility means complying with legal provisions. Our actions are characterized through compliance with the Law. 
  • Quality means aiming for business excellence; working to obtain the profits that allow us to consolidate our project and expand into new initiatives that strengthen the group, all based on ethical and responsible actions. 
All these values are interrelated and shape the image of UP it is therefore important to apply this Ethical Commitment on a daily basis. 
How we treat each other is in accordance with the previous principles, and it also applies to our 3rd party relationships. Therefore, these values also apply to customers, suppliers and any person / entity in general with whom we have a relationship. 
Geographically, these values apply regardless of the location.
UP has a Code of Conduct which all employees must comply with and which should help solidify our Ethical Commitment in our everyday activities. 

The UP recruitment process ensures a very high level of ethics.  We are making sure we bring in the right people who have high ethical standards.
UP has established formal channels for reporting behavior that goes against this Ethical Commitment and the Code of Conduct. These channels can be used by members, partners, customers and suppliers and can be sent to:


The concerns are received and examined by the UP Leadership Team, which then will record a formal report and decide whether the Code of Conduct has been violated. The reports are treated confidentially in compliance with the legislation on personal data protection. 

Any queries relating to the Ethical Commitment or the Code of conduct should be sent to the following address: concern@upthereeverywhere.com 

We are convinced that this Ethical Commitment makes us stronger, more demanding of ourselves and more successful in our business objectives in the interest of all our stakeholders. 



We do what is right: act ethically, honestly, responsibly and with integrity and quality. All our internal activities reflect on and are relevant to the external environment. 

Our Code of Conduct describes how we must act when performing our professional duties, whenever we act in representation of UP, whether in any of out Creative Spaces or in any location, either at home or abroad, so we avoid committing a crime or breaching legislation that may lead to undesired consequences for individuals or UP.

Our Code of Conduct reflects the principles that serve to guide us in acting responsibly and helping us when making decisions at work:


The Code of Conduct applies to the following: 

  • All individuals who work with UP, regardless of their geographic location, post held or contractual relationship (membership, partnership). This also includes the owners and board members.
  • Internship students.
  • Third parties who have interactions with the UP, whether they are suppliers, contractors, collaborators or customers, insofar as this is applicable and provided that UP has the ability to enforce it. 
  • If there is any practice in the Code of Conduct that conflicts with the law of the country where a subsidiary company is based, this practice will be revised to comply with local legislation. 

Everyone will immediately inform the UP-Leadership team of any irregular or unethical actions relating to this Code of Conduct. The channels for contacting the Committee are outlined later in this document. 


We respect the confidentiality and privacy of everyone 

UP respects the privacy and intimacy of all our members, partners, customers, suppliers, collaborators and all those whose data we process in order to perform our work. 

Individuals who process personal information: 

  • Will act responsibly and in accordance with the Law. 
  • Will act in accordance with all their contractual obligations. 
  • Will use said information only for legitimate purposes. 
  • Will avoid disclosing unauthorized confidential and/or personal information. 

Will limit access to the information only to those who have a legitimate use for said information. Will take special care with information stored in our IT systems, preventing access to unauthorized individuals. Will also avoid accessing external systems so as not to discover personal third-party data. We will not record or reproduce external images or conversations in which we have not participated. 

For journalistic work or films, the use of hidden cameras is considered unacceptable, as is any other deceptive procedure for obtaining information, images or witnesses. The interception and dissemination of private material from mobile phones, emails and other means of communication without consent is also inadmissible. An exception to this could be situations relating to facts or events that are unmistakably in the public interest and when there is no other option in order to properly comply with the right to information.

When their use is required in productions for third-parties, the Ethical Code of the company that has contracted the professional services will apply. Any queries in this area should be directed to the Legal Advice department.

When managing UP on social networks, we will always try to use a suitable tone, bearing in mind that any comments will be associated with UP. 

We guarantee transparency in our financial and accounting data 

We guarantee accuracy in our financial data. In internal relationships, relationships with third parties and with the Government, we ensure that the accounting data faithfully reflects the financial reality of each department. 

The accounting data will be updated and will always agree with UP’s actual status. To do this, we ensure that all our records are accurate, paying particular attention to the information provided to the Public Administration due to its official nature. This will help boost the reputation of UP and its members and partners and encourage the fulfillment of their objectives. 

We aim to make proper use of new technology

The use of the Internet and new technology constitutes vital tools for UP as a digital communications agency, not only in our external relations, but also internally. 

Our work is stored on IT systems and so we consider new technologies to be a fundamental asset for UP. Therefore, we will take special care when using the IT systems so as not to delete or corrupt our own data and/or that of third parties. We must remember that the IT systems are the property of UP and their use should be limited to the performance of the professional tasks entrusted. 

UP may access the corresponding equipment and systems, as well as the corporate email in extraordinary circumstances for the purposes of verifying the proper use of the IT resources or for reasons of business continuity. 

We respect third-party intellectual and industrial property rights 

The results of our work are particularly valuable for UP. The work we create and which we make public to third parties, due to the activity that we perform, is the result of our daily efforts and is UP´s important products, together with our brand. 

We will take care to ensure and guarantee that our products are covered by intellectual and industrial property rights. Likewise, we will protect and respect these rights when the creators are external third parties. In order to use these, we will ensure that we have obtained the appropriate authorizations. 

We protect consumers 

We will not participate in projects that disregard the values that inspire us at UP. 
We will also ensure that our advertising is truthful, legal, honest and fair. We will be guided by the principle of transparency, clearly communicating contracting conditions and rights. 

We demand fair working conditions

We all have the right to be protected against discrimination and harassment of any kind, therefore we will be courteous and respectful in our relationships with colleagues and third parties. Likewise, we will ensure that our working relationships are in accordance with the laws and that they do not promote or encourage hiring people without the relevant work permits. 

We protect children 

We protect minors by preventing their participation in exhibitionist spectacles and always ensuring the best conditions possible. We will take special care when processing information concerning minors ensuring that if children are hired for work, for example, photoshoots, we have prior consent from the parents. Likewise, we will take special care with scripts or content aimed at young audiences. 

We correctly manage conflicts of interest

If we establish business relationships with family members or friends that could cause a conflict of interest, we will inform the UP-Leadership team. We will avoid using confidential information for our own benefit or that of third parties.  The internal and external relationships arising as a result of performing work for UP will not be used for our own benefit or for the benefit of friends or family members. 

We maintain cleanliness and order in the Creative Spaces

Cleanliness in the workplace directly affects everyone’s safety. We will avoid lack of cleanliness and personal hygiene that may affect the production process or image of UP. 

We ensure proper treatment of colleagues

We encourage courteous and respectful treatment of colleagues for a better working environment.  We avoid any type of work-related or sexual harassment in the workplace or that occurs while providing services within UP. Any kind of verbal or physical offense must also be avoided. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation should report it to the UP- Leadership Team or using the channels specified in this Code.

We don’t work under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Alcoholic drinks, drugs and abuse of prescription medication may negatively affect performance and can cause accidents. Therefore, we will avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks or any other substances that affect our health when providing services for UP. 

We protect natural resources and the environment

Being a cloud-based agency is our way of creating a healthy work environment for everyone at UP, at the same time as we minimize our environmental impact by minimizing travel and office space. We respect the environment, avoiding emissions, spillages, radiation, extraction or excavation, silting, noise, vibrations, injections or deposits in the atmosphere, soil, subsoil or surface water, underground water and sea water. 

We respect the balance between the natural systems and the health of individuals by avoiding deposits and the dumping of waste and solid or liquid residues that may be toxic or hazardous. We will dispose of those things we no longer need in the areas indicated, always respecting the environment. If we use explosives to create an atmosphere for a fictional production, we will ensure that we comply with all the legal requirements in this regard. In all cases, we will always act with the administrative permits necessary for performing our activities. 

We act with integrity in our business dealings

When doing business, we aim to results in a legal, fair and honest manner. We look for competitive benefits using our own merits, never through unethical or illegal commercial practices. This means that in relationships with suppliers, customers, collaborators and public officials we will maintain business integrity and respect the law.

We will avoid offering or promising any compensation to a public official, whether directly or indirectly, in exchange for favorable or beneficial treatment.

Our relationships with other companies, customers, external collaborators and suppliers will be based on the strictest sense of integrity and fairness in business dealings. In this regard, we will avoid offering, promising or accepting tokens or gifts from individuals or companies that are currently or may in the future be involved in commercial activities with us, so that said individuals favor us, or so that we favor them, in some way, over others. In general, we will not give gifts for any reason, nor will we accept any gifts offered by customers, suppliers or third parties that go beyond common courtesy. 

However, attendance at sporting or leisure events or business meals with the customer or supplier are an acceptable and normal business practice, provided they are within the previously stated financial limits. Therefore, we will avoid accepting trips, holidays or similar favors from our customers and suppliers, or offering them ourselves, unless they support UP’s legitimate business interests and fall within the previously stated limits. 

We protect and maintain free competition

Protection of free competition in the markets, is part of our philosophy, our commercial policy and our way of interacting within the market. It is very important that we all respect this free competition, and ultimately, that we undertake to compete fairly with all other companies in the market. We want to compete in quality, services and content, without taking advantage of benefits obtained illegally or fraudulently. 

A way of violating free competition could be to access the data, documents or resources of other companies without authorization, or to intercept any kind of communication to obtain secret or confidential information about other companies, whether for the purpose of obtaining an advantage over such companies or for personal benefit, or for the purpose of damaging said companies or their staff by disclosing the information, even if in theory there is no apparent purpose. We will avoid these types of action, whether said confidential information has come into our possession directly or through a third party. 

The concept of corporate “trade secrets” and “confidential information” are wide-ranging and cover all data and information that any company wants to keep secret, related, for example, to client information or internal information such as personal data of members or partners, financial data and other financial results of the company that are not public, and any other data or information that is private and is important for the proper functioning of the company. It may often be information marked as “Confidential” or “Secret”, however it will not be limited to these cases. 

Another form of violating free competition may be to use, directly or through a third party, privileged information relating to the pricing of any type of shares or securities traded on a stock market, or to provide or disseminate such information for personal benefit or that of third parties. 

Privileged information is information that is generally not public and relates to a company or and to which an individual has had access for the performance of their professional or business activity, for example, by being involved. 

We have a transparent relationship with the Government

We must ensure complete transparency regarding the information we are required communicate to public bodies at all times.



The policies are available on our internal Administration System: SuperSystem and Base Camp


UP has appointed the UP-Leadership team to handle compliance and the responsibility is shared between the members for the daily activities as regards regulatory risk prevention with the following duties: 

  1. To encourage dissemination and awareness of and compliance with the Code of Conduct and the compliance standards and procedures and fraud prevention.
  2. To ensure the operation and effectiveness of and adherence to the Compliance Model.
  3. To ensure the approval and application of the procedures necessary for the proper functioning of the prevention model. 
  4. To encourage the preparation and implementation of suitable Compliance training and communication programs.
  5. To establish the tools necessary to ensure the recording of the necessary activities.
  6. To keep files and documentation on the work performed.
  7. To periodically prepare a report on the activities of the Compliance Function for the Audit Committee and, at least once a year, for the Board of Directors.
  8. To read the reports prepared by the UP Leadership team relating to reports or investigations that they have drafted/carried out and decide if there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct and propose a sanction.
  9. To appoint and inform an Audit Committee and, where appropriate, the senior management, of any urgent situation that cannot wait for a periodic report. 

The UP-Leadership team is at the disposal to members, partners, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders to resolve any queries or clarify matters relating to this Code of Conduct. 


For the purpose of highlighting what are considered violations of the Code of Conduct the following is a non-exhaustive list of violations: 

  • Work-related or sexual harassment and verbal and/or physical offences against other colleagues. 
  • Performing operations for personal benefit, or for the benefit of family members or third parties, to the detriment of UP. 
  • Reaching agreements with competing companies in the submission of tender offers. 
  • Accepting or sending gifts that go beyond the bounds of common courtesy. 
  • Access and disclosure of confidential information to third parties. 
  • Not reporting a breach of the Code of Conduct when aware of said breach. 
  • Falsifying accounting data. 
  • Being noticeably drunk or under the influence of drugs in UP´s facilities during work. 
  • Sending repeated malicious Code of Conduct reports. 
  • Reporting fictitious transactions, among others, regarding sales, purchases, loans, credits and expenses. 
  • Making unnecessary purchases of goods and services to the detriment of UP. 
  • Discriminating against, intimidating or harassing another individual because of their race, gender, age, origin, religion, beliefs, sexuality or state of health. 

Any individual who authorizes, directs, approves, participates in or intentionally does not report those activities that go against that established in the Code of Conduct may be subject to applicable disciplinary measures according to local legislation applicable in each case. The severity of the sanctions will depend on the severity of the offenses committed. 

In the event of minor offenses, a simple verbal or written warning may be given, and for serious and very serious offences, the sanction may range from termination of the relationship with UP to being reported (on criminal, civil or corporate grounds) to the competent authorities. 

Any violations or concerns should be reported to any person or persons in the Leadership team  or to: