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Creating friendlier brands and customer-centric approaches 

Financial services has become a hotbed of new thinking and disruption in recent years. Long gone are the days of very straight, boring B2B approaches with the same pictures of men in suits. New technology, new customer bases, and direct-to-consumer models have shaken up traditions.

Financial brands, new and old, fit perfectly within UP’s focus on High Involvement, what we do the best. Think about your company’s challenges: the products are complex, the audiences are many, requiring a high degree of engagement from your customers and stakeholders. Relationships are complicated, the sale and distribution channels vast and the competition fierce. That’s where we come in with High Involvement, our central thought. We work with our clients' biggest complexities that other agencies don't dare to approach. We thrive here – we pan gold and deliver great campaigns.

The team of UP for FS (Financial Services) knows that selling products or services is the end game but building lasting and friendlier brands with a customer-centric approach is equally important. We help brands showcase value-added services and ensure issues such as internal engagement, diversity and inclusion, and corporate responsibility rank high up in the company's food chain.

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Show the human side of financial services


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Relationships not transactions

The UP FOR FS financial services team are led by Christos Karakanna, Client Managing Partner, UK, and Cordell Burke, Creative Managing Partner, UK, and backed up by local and international teams globally.

Our dedicated team have worked for some of the biggest international brands in the world — leading strategic approaches and activating campaign after campaign for the likes of Aviva, Barclays, Barclaycard, American Express, AIG and Zurich, across every subject that can be thought of. They head up a very experienced team that have tackled every type of brief across the gambit of financial service brands and business problems.

Our key focus? Creating brands, projects and solutions that allow financial brands to connect with their customers to create a lasting relationship that is not just transactional.

Marketing financial services in the age of disruption

A dedicated global team

UP FOR FS includes a local and international team of experts in planning, account management, digital and creative. And our experienced team have covered everything from the traditional development, awareness and selling of brands, services and products to niche areas such as sponsorship, corporate responsibility, internal engagement, diversity and inclusion and vast amounts of intermediary, partner and distribution networks.

We have experience and have worked with all types of financial services brands from the worlds of insurance, banking, credit cards, investment, intermediaries and advisory fintech and investment, across both consumer and B2B.

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Our services

Branding & communications

 We help brands connect and engage by finding a unique voice in the market. From strategy and positioning, to logo and graphic design, to advertising campaigns, we produce identity and communications materials that build credibility, as well as sales.

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Inbound & content marketing

UP has a team of inbound-certified content experts, writers and designers who know your market and can develop an inbound marketing strategy that will help you attract visitors to your website, convert them into leads and then into customers.

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Film & webinars

Our talent pool includes musicians, song writers and video technicians who can create unique soundtracks for your corporate films or put together a streaming YouTube video that showcases your products or company.

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Market analysis & research

UP starts all major marketing, branding, advertising and creative service projects with a thorough briefing process. This phase might include research or a Start Me UP workshop. It’s the beginning of any good marketing plan.

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Digital marketing services

UP can help tie your online and offline branding together with digital and social media services, pay per click (PPC), SEO/SEM or Google Adwords.

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Websites & ecommerce

UP provides full website design and development services, including UX design and ecommerce. Our team can set up CMS systems, including HubSpot, WordPress, Drupal and more.

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Supporting the Azets rebrand with a new website

FINANCIAL SERVICES | Websites & ecommerce | UK

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