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Your regional or national branding are going brilliantly — and now you're ready to head East. How do you successfully translate (literally and figuratively) your marketing efforts across Asia? From China to Japan to India, understanding what works in each market can be daunting.

UP FOR ASIA is here to help. As an UP speciality group, the marketing experts in UP FOR ASIA focus on bringing the most innovative services and technologies from the Nordics, Europe and North America into Asia, and Vice VersaWe provide localized branding, marketing and digital services so you can go East or WEST successfully. Our focus on Asian countries and regions include China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others.



We speak the language. We know the market.
We understand your industry. 

Whether you are B2B or B2C, and no matter what product, service or technology you’re offering, you need to communicate effectively and efficiently with your audiences in the local context. Entering a new market like Asia requires building trust, and that takes a deep understanding of the culture and marketplace in order to be successful in selling your products, services or technology.

We walk you through three important steps:

  1. Localize your message. We help you define your purpose and branding message in the local context (who you are).
  2. Build your online community. We create the right digital infrastructure to establish a home base from which you can reach out to your audiences and where they can reach you (what you need)
  3. Establish trust. Using the right digital strategies helps you establish an authentic relationship with your audiences (how you interact with your audiences).

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UP FOR ASIA's services and capabilities

Here’s how UP FOR ASIA helps you meet these three objectives: 

Brand message development

Establishing the right tone of voice and a brand message that will resonate in Asia is a critical first step of your journey East. To fulfill this, we offer:

  • Market research (phone interviews in local languages, focus groups, reports, and presentations with your team)
  • Branding & Identity (graphic design, logo design, naming, photography)
  • Film & Sound (voice-over, local subtitles, videography)

Create an online presence

Creating an online home for all your communications is essential in today’s digital world. The tools and strategies that work in the West are not always the same as what works in the East. We help you navigate this new landscape effectively. We provide:

  • Website, mini-page, App, landing page development or localization
  • Social Media platforms development and operation management (e.g WeChat Official Account Set-up and maintenance in China market)

Develop the right digital strategy

Using the right digital strategies will help you establish an authentic relationship with your audiences. Our services include:

  • Search Marketing (to get you found): e.g Baidu SEO or PPC in China market
  • Social Media Marketing (to help you stay connected with your audiences): e.g. WeChat Marketing and Weibo Marketing in China market
  • Content Marketing (establish your thought-leadership position with regular content targeting the right audiences, industries, and local communities - in a locally appropriate way and using the right format that matches the market)
  • Influencer marketing and online PR (get endorsement by third parties with credentials to increase your brand awareness and build trust)
  • Traditional PR and media outreach

 An experienced team to deliver great results

UP FOR ASIA offers you a connection to local talent in every market. With UP’s working model, no matter which industry you are in, we have the right members and partners on the ground in your target region to deliver marketing programs that work. Our teams are all senior, seasoned professionals, who are bilingual with excellent communication skills, understand the local markets, culture and social norms, and have deep knowledge of your industry. They are well-rounded and well-connected locally, and can find all the resources needed to solve your problem and achieve your goals.

Case Study

Michael Zhou head of UP for Asia

Michael Zhou - Lead of UP FOR ASIA

China Marketing, P. R. and Business Consultant

Michael Zhou heads UP FOR ASIA and is an international marketing and business development consultant, China digital marketing & P.R specialist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has more than 20 years of general management, branding, marketing and international business development experience working across China and Asia, North America and Europe. Before joining UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, Michael was co-founder of Fortune Media, a Shanghai-based P.R., marketing and advertising agency. His previous experience included working for London-based insurance broker Willis in Shenzhen, Singapore-based DBS bank in Hong Kong, and China Ping An in Shenzhen in marketing and strategy roles. 

Michael holds an MBA in Marketing and International Management from Thunderbird Business School of Global Management, Arizona, U.S.A, and M.A and B.A in English language and literature from Central China Normal University.

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