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The way people and organizations work is changing.  Running a traditional service-based business is too expensive (employees and offices), too inflexible, and too slow to scale up.

The cloud has enabled significant disruption.  Today, you can build your business in the cloud with significantly less overhead (no employees, no offices) and focus on delivering true value to your clients.

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We did it. Now you can too. 

UP built a marketing services agency in the cloud.  And now, so can you.  Or any other service based business for that matter.  If you are looking to start a new business and you're finding that traditional models for building a company are too slow and too cumbersome, then move over to the cloud and build a truly different 21st century business.

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SUPER System for your business

There are lots of off-the-shelf systems to run your cloud-based business, from Basecamp for project management to Skype and Zoom for virtual collaboration.  But we couldn’t find a system to manage all of the admin, so we built one ourselves.  

SUPER System is a platform that truly makes a cloud-based organization work.  It contains client information, generates estimates, and tracks member allocations, client invoicing and member payments, along with a Dashboard to facilitate member engagement.  

And now, we are making SUPER System available to you, to build a better business in the cloud.

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Download a free chapter of e-ployment to learn more about how the cloud-based model works.

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Interested in licensing our platform to build your cloud-based business?  We are currently selecting a limited number of companies to join this new way of working. 

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