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Health is the next digital marketing frontier. UP is here to help you meet the challenge.

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Expect more from your health marketing agency

Health and wellbeing are the latest industries embracing the consumer and digital revolution. As it happens in real time, our lives will forever change. UP is helping companies and organizations around the world to be seen, heard and noticed by advancing their brands and their digital presence. 

Regardless how advanced the healthcare solution is, there is a universal truth: a human life stands to benefit, a human life is at stake. At UP, we never forget that. Putting the patient and caregiver at the center of communications is paramount.

Health marketing has very different target audiences which require completely different levels of information: the healthcare professional or caregiver, the employee or business partner, the consumer or patient, and the investor. Each has their own needs to fulfill. At UP, we can address all of them to propel your business strategy forward and make them choose you.

A process for health marketing

We believe fervently in the application of a collaborative and transparent way of working.  We'll translate your value propositions into emotional messages that your audience will understand and feel heard.

Through our BASE-UP® methodology we probe deeper to understand and reveal the true product benefit beyond function and mechanism of action.

And our Client Service teams provide more than just excellent management. They become your product and subject matter experts, capable of understanding the science and technology and ready to be your voice within the agency.

“Incredible what we did together in 1.5 weeks. Great to collaborate, your team's competence and kindness is extraordinary! I know [this] after more than 40 years in the healthcare system collaborating with a huge number of external companies”.

– Dr. Henrik Harling, CMO of 2cureX

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Launching a new cancer treatment to oncologists at ESMO

Health | Communications | Sweden

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Digital outreach essential in health

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat. For each audience, the appropriate means of digital outreach are very different and extremely fast-moving. Tomorrow’s hot channel can become yesterday’s news. Keeping up is our job, and providing maximum bang for your marketing spend is our business.

Webinars, online events and other means for people to interact with you and ask questions are replacing static, one-directional websites. People are expecting answers faster than ever before, and they expect their vendors to satisfy. That’s why your you need to Expect More from your chosen agency partner.

Engaging the research community

UP has experience creating user experiences designed to attract the right audiences to your website. We start by researching and identifying your ideal audience personas, and then prioritize the most relevant content for each target visitor. From there, we create calls to action (CTAs) that help convert visitors into leads. That requires a full understanding of the overall buyer (or visitor) journey, and knowing what the next step should be.

An example of this was AstraZeneca’s Next Generation Therapeutics site, where UP designed a journey to help research specialists need to find the right person to connect with.

Direct-to-patient marketing

Whether it's advertising designed to get to the heart of the matter, or websites that meet unique patient needs, UP can support your marketing efforts with strategy, design and copy that works.

For LifeCell, we furnished all the answers that patients needed before and after breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. The site BreastReconstructionMatters.com  is a perfect example of direct-to-patient communication. 

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Turning International Diabetes Day awareness into a year-long event


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