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From custom photography, video and soundtrack development, to webinar and podcast support, UP offers expert services in film and sound production.

A picture speaks a thousand words

... and video and sound can say even more. Film is a powerful way to engage your audience and deliver complex messages. UP has extensive experience in audio-visual creation — we make films all over the world every week. 

Our talent pool includes directors, script and copywriters, video editors and production specialists who can create unique corporate films or short-and-sweet streaming video campaigns for YouTube that showcase your products or company.

We can also support you in hosting webinars (both as lead generation tools and to replace in-person meetings or conferences), developing podcasts, or scheduling live streaming programs on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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How Galderma reached 22,000 customers during a global pandemic


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UP film and sound services

Video production

A well-crafted video has the power to communicate a clear and powerful message in the shortest possible time. While off the cuff and live-streamed "in the moment" videos have their place, every company still needs quality, crafted films to tell a brand story. As the importance of video marketing increases, it is essential that you create a consistent brand identity for your films as you would for other elements of your brand messaging. 

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Many companies today are struggling to find effective ways to reach their customers and partners as well as manage their internal teams, and continue with planned meetings or training using entirely virtual or online tools. UP offers webinar services that includes:

  • Webinar technical setup and hosting
  • Content creation and production
  • Promotion and advertising

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In the past few years, interest in podcasts has absolutely exploded.  Podcasts provide an effective, fairly low-budget way to connect with your audience regularly, tell stories and share news that will captivate them. Podcasts provide mobile, on-the-go content your audience can consume almost anywhere. Creating regular (weekly) podcast episodes is ideal to ensure you gather an audience. UP can help you create content, record and deliver a professional podcast series.

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How well does your video brand work?

What elements help define a successful video brand? Get our free checklist to create your video style guide. 

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