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Today marketing is in a whirlwind of new technological innovation. It’s thrilling, inspiring, and just a little dizzying. But our specialist technology marketing group UP FOR IT can help you define the right tools and the right approach. 

We help digital and technology companies both globally and domestically with a range of integrated services from market research, through to branding and communications, inbound and content marketing, social media to film and sound.  

Wondering how you compare?  Download our free checklist to compare your company to competitors or other companies you admire. 

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Team Leader:   Neil Boylan

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Our work

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  • Atlas Antibodies
    Atlas Antibodies Branding & Identity, Communications, Advertising, PR & Videos
  •  Acelity AWT
    Acelity AWT Communications and Advertising
  •  Galderma
    Galderma Communications, Advertising, Identity
  • Ascom
    Ascom Identity, Communications, Website and Advertising
  • Acelity KCA SensaTrac
    Acelity KCA SensaTrac Identity, Communications
  • Airport City
    Airport City Identity, Branding, Communications, Market Research
  • AAAS
    AAAS Identity, Branding, Communication, Website
  • AAAS/Science
    AAAS/Science Identity, Branding, Communications, Advertising, Digital Marketing
  • Dako
    Dako Branding, Identity, Internal Communications
  • Dako
    Dako Communications Materials, Tradeshow Booth, Films, Campaign Website
  • IWA
    IWA Branding, Communications
  • LifeCell
    LifeCell Branding, Identity, Communications Materials, Campaign Website
  • Netsize
    Netsize Brand Identity, Website, Films, Communications Templates, Infographic
  • Young Scientists Prize
    Young Scientists Prize Brand Identity, Content Development, Social Media, Event Management, Advertising, Communications
  • Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists
    Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists Brand Identity, Content Development, Social Media, Event Management, Advertising, Communications
  • SciLifeLab & Science
    SciLifeLab & Science Communications, Advertising,
  • Sigtuna
    Sigtuna Brand Identity, Advertising, Communications
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport
    Stockholm Arlanda Airport Brand Identity, Advertising, Communications
  • Tradegood
    Tradegood Brand Identity, Website, Communications, Advertising, Films
  • GE
    GE Product Launch Campaign, Advertising, Campaign Website, Films, Print Materials
  • Polaroid HOOP
    Polaroid HOOP Exhibition Stand, Trade Show Materials, Films, Digital Content
  • Polaroid CES
    Polaroid CES Exhibition Stand, Trade Show Materials, Films
  • Zink Inkless Printing
    Zink Inkless Printing Exhibition Stand, Trade Show Materials, Films
  • House of Elrick
    House of Elrick Product Launch, Brand Identity, Advertising
  • C+A Global
    C+A Global Trade Show Displays
  • Nobel
    Nobel Brand Identity, Website, Social Media, Advertising
  • SciLifeLab
    SciLifeLab Advertising
  • Tecan
    Tecan Brand Identity, Brand Book, Website, Literature
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing
  • Liverpool Place Branding Event
    Liverpool Place Branding Event Event Planning, Place Marketing
  • Royal Djurgården
    Royal Djurgården Brand Identity
Free guide to competitive analysis

Free Guide to
Competitive Analysis

Download our free guide to evaluating
your brand against competitors.

Competitive Analysis Guide

Our services

branding and communications agency services

Branding & Communications. We help brands connect and engage by finding a unique voice in the market. From strategy and positioning, to logo and graphic design, to advertising campaigns, we produce identity and communications materials that build credibility, as well as sales.

inbound marketing agency content marketing services

Inbound & Content Marketing. UP has a team of inbound-certified content experts, writers and designers who know your market and can develop an inbound marketing strategy that will help you attract visitors to your website, convert them into leads and then into customers.

video, film, soundtrack creation agency services

Film & Sound.  Our talent pool includes musicians, song writers and video technicians who can create unique soundtracks for your corporate films or put together a streaming YouTube video that showcases your products or company.

market research start-me-up workshops

Market Research. UP starts all major marketing, branding, advertising and creative service projects with a thorough briefing process. This phase might include research or a Start Me UP workshop. It’s the beginning of any good marketing plan.

social media & digital marketing agency service

Digital Services. We not only build websites, microsites and e-commerce platforms, we can also help tie your online and offline branding together with digital and social media services, pay per click (PPC), SEO, or Adwords.