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A deep dive for your team and ours

UP offers a number of workshops that are designed to provide insights to support your marketing, train your team, as well as gain alignment with your internal and external messaging. 

Our workshops cover everything from identifying target audiences to brand development, social media strategies and even new product innovation. The sessions are informal, educational, inspiring and always fun.

These sessions can be run anywhere in the world and be as large or small as needed with a goal of understanding market needs and goals.

Types of workshops 

  • Start Me UP workshops
  • Inbound marketing
  • Crisis communications
  • Brand strategy workshops
  • Internal communications 
  • Writing workshops

"Understanding: The power of comprehending; especially the capacity to apprehend general relations of particulars; the power to make experience intelligible by applying concepts and categories."

- Merriam Webster's Dictionary

Are you prepared for a crisis?

Failing to plan and be prepared for a crisis can cause irreparable damage. Our crisis communications specialists can prepare your team in a workshop held at your location or one of ours.

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Our workshops


START ME UP workshops give your team and ours a deep dive into your brand and communications needs. These workshops cover everything from identifying target audiences to brand message development to usability studies of your website. These sessions can be run anywhere in the world and be as large or small as needed with a goal of understanding market needs and goals.



Branding workshops are specifically focused to help to uncover the essential message at the core of your brand identity. From startups needing a new identity to established firms that have lost their inspiration to merged brands that need a unifying theme, branding workshops reveal the essential essence that makes your brand special.

Internal communications

For a strong and consistent external brand, you need alignment internally. Employer branding and internal communications are key elements of your overall brand reputation. UP helps get your team onboard  with your message and inspired by your identity, offering training and brand rollout workshops, as well as employer branding sessions.

Inbound marketing

Inbound workshops can help your team understand how to use inbound marketing effectively. They can be customized to your needs and provide an introduction and deep dive into inbound tactics, act as planning sessions for content development, or focus on goal-setting and alignment of sales and marketing.

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Crisis communications

In every crisis, communications teams and company leaders are faced with unique challenges heightened in a fast-paced digital world in which the public has 24/7 access to social media. These workshops, held at your location or ours, help prepare your team for internal and external crisis communications.

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Writing workshops

UP offers bespoke writing workshops for teams as well as a series of online and in-person retreats from time to time.  These retreats can be held at an offsite location, or remotely via Zoom. Find out more about scheduling a retreat or workshop for your team.

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Can inbound work for you?

Find our more about inbound and content marketing with a custom workshop for your team or group.

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