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Brand engagement starts with your people

Brand engagement starts internally with your people and carries your mission and vision forward

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internal & employer branding

We'll help you live your brand from the inside out

The beating heart of any organization is the people within it. It’s only when their opinions, attitudes and beliefs are acknowledged, understood and coached that change happens. Starting with your people makes the difference between a brand that gets lip service and one that is integral to your company's success.

UP FOR PEOPLE can help you develop and nurture a brand that works from the inside out. It's more than just creating a slogan or marketing campaigns. It starts with creating a corporate culture that reflects your brand values.

Whether you need to develop a group of people leaders, create a world-class employer brand or conduct a total cultural transformation, UP FOR PEOPLE give you a program and structure to help you get on the right path.

Our experienced team of trainers and facilitators will help you create sustainable and positive changes through listening, workshops and training, as we have done for a diverse range of clients and leaders in business.

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What we do

Build your brand

UP FOR PEOPLE helps you solve your internal and employer branding needs from planning and strategy to execution and rollout. Our services include:
  • Team/company cultural assessments
  • Internal brand alignment strategy
  • Brand platform development
  • Leadership and management training 
  • Internal brand rollouts
  • Brand planning
  • Employer branding platform
  • Brand messaging and identify

Set change in motion

Help create a culture where change is valued and rewarded. Set goals that help build leadership for the future.

  • Develop relevant learning and leadership training
  • Create transformations and breakthroughs in individual management and leadership styles
  • Develop a practical transfer of learning
  • Design a "coaching culture" based on innovation and action

Deliver results

All teams will be personally coached by our UP FOR PEOPLE trainers to ensure they are motivated and fully engaged in the program. This will maintain an element of exclusivity and aspirational quality for the program.

  • To inspire people within your business
  • Dramatically improve engagement and performance of people
  • Retain and attract top talent
  • Create a world class employer value proposition and experience

“UP has been instrumental in helping this company find out who we really are."

Stefan Traeger, CEO Jenoptik

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Rolling out a new brand and identity globally

Life science | branding | international

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Our approach

Our approach

UP FOR PEOPLE follows our own proven proprietary method of BASE-UP® when delivering client services.  This provides a structure and set of deliverables using a methodology designed to generate results. 

For internal and employer branding projects, our focus in on the PEOPLE in your company and how the adopt, share and internalize communications.

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Put people first every time


The world of work is in flux there is a better way. Read more about e-ployment


Be willing to adapt and learn how to change your organization for the better.


Change is never easy but if you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got right? We’ll co-create customized transformative programs for your people.


Innovate and experiment: Unleash your creativity and shake off the status quo.  Sometimes you just can’t see the wood from the trees, but we guarantee there is alway a better way and we’ll show you where to find it.


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Developing a new identity for a market leader

Life science | branding & identity | Sweden

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Communications in a crisis

Crisis communications starts with your internal team. Knowing what to do and who to talk to starts with advance planning. Get our free guide that covers some essential elements.

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