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Nurture your leads using marketing automation technology 

Marketing automation enables you to reach and nurture your target groups in an efficient and timely way. With marketing automation you can combine different activities, personalize your outreach and capture relevant data to help you improve your marketing efforts.

The right marketing automation system offers you everything from landing pages and blog capabilities to the ability to create workflows and feed your prospects into your CRM tool. You can run paid activities like search and social using the same tool, and continuously update and evolve your marketing.

We work with a number of different marketing automation systems, and have a deep understanding of how to use them in a strategic and efficient way.  In addition we’re a certified Platinum partner to HubSpot.

We can help you select the right system, set up lead nurturing workflows, create email content and more. Our consultants are here to guide you, offer training or do hands-on work.

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Use marketing automation for better lead nurturing

Personalize your messages

In today’s world a key to successful marketing is the ability to adapt and personalize your activities to different customers - based on what they work with and where they are in their purchase process. To do this manually would be impossible, and this is the biggest reason why you need to work with marketing automation.

Segment and target easily

What marketing automation does is enable you to reach and nurture your target groups in an efficient and timely way. With it you can combine different activities, personalize your outreach and capture relevant data to help you improve what you’re doing. Marketing automation allows you to guide your leads along a path that it relevant to them. This can speed up their buying journey, but also allow you to reconnect and steer them back onto the path if they should drop off.

Use email effectively

With the right marketing automation system you can build an entire content hub as well as dedicated landing pages and forms to capture data and sign-ups. You can run all your promotion activities via that system, both paid and organic activities using for example search and social. Another important part is the capability to work with e-mail marketing, from newsletter and promotional mails to a variety of workflows that nurtures your prospects.

Maximize your CRM

A marketing automation system not only increases your capacity and efficiency, it helps you evolve and develop your marketing. When you combine your marketing automation activities of engaging, nurturing and converting leads with your CRM system you have the opportunity to provide sales with qualified leads with a proven track-record.

Key elements of marketing automation

E-mail marketing

Your prospect's and customer's inbox is still a very valuable piece of real estate. As long as what you send them is relevant or valuable, they will want to engage with it. With the help of  a marketing automation system, you can create everything from newsletters to nurturing workflows.

Content publishing

Building all or parts of your website on a marketing automation platform offers several advantages. It’s easier to direct traffic and capture leads, and also to add them to your CRM. Hosting your premium content there makes it easier to track downloads and add subscribers.

Capturing data 

A key part of marketing is turning unknown visitors into known leads that you can nurture and develop. Using a marketing automation systems helps you do this in an efficient way, making it easier to track and act on how your leads behave.

Guidance to help you succeed

Not sure where to start with marketing automation? Our team can help you decide what sort of marketing automation tools you need, compare options, plan lead nurturing workflows and create content to support your automation pipeline. We can work within your budget and your needs. Ask us how we can help.

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Get help setting up a marketing automation workflow, creating an email series, or setting up an e-newsletter template. Tell us what what you need done and we can help quickly.

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We’re a certified Platinum partner to HubSpot. We also work with a number of other marketing automation tools such as Marketo, Eloqua and Act-on.  We can help you use them in an efficient and effective way.

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