Case Study: Basel Area Business & Innovation

Putting Switzerland's economic powerhouse on the map

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Basel Area Business & Innovation, is the organization responsible for the economic promotion of the Basel region – a region that is an economic powerhouse and Switzerland’s most dynamic business environment.




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Basel is situated at the heart of the continent with excellent transport links and infrastructure to support growth and business. A vibrant culture scene and a high standard of living make Basel one of the foremost life science locations. Whatever you know about Basel, there is more to discover.


The brief

Basel is a rich, vibrant city and home to two of the world's biotech giants – Roche and Novartis. Despite this, Basel Area Business & Innovation wishes to expand its economic base still further and be considered as a strong option for businesses looking to expand or relocate. Basel Area needed to establish a strong proposition to stand out from other Swiss cities such as Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne.

As a city and region, Basel Area also had relatively low awareness, compared to some of its peers, and knowledge of the benefits that the region could offer was low. 

It was UP’s job to show that Basel Area had more to offer, and to start to put it firmly on the map. 


The solution

In the summer of 2018, we began to examine existing research to understand how Basel was perceived, especially compared to other Swiss cities. Then, to really understand what Basel Area had to offer, we immersed ourselves in Basel with a concentrated 24 hour deep-dive discovery session.

We had back-to-back meetings with stakeholders and businesses around the region and we roamed the city to really experience all that it has to offer. Concentrating our deep-dive helped us to understand and distill the essence of the region which was that no matter how far we went or how many people we talked to, in Basel, there was always more to discover.

The project was set to have a complex digital component so in the summer of 2019 we enlisted the help of our digital specialists UP for Digital. They met with the Basel Area team to understand their digital needs  and took them from sitemap to wire framing through to website mockups. Three new sites were created with distinct focuses. 

The results

We created a fresh new brand for Basel Area with the positioning line “More to Discover”. We made sure not to make the brand overtly Swiss to avoid direct competition with other cities in Switzerland. Instead, we wanted to showcase the uniqueness of the Basel Area and all the hidden possibilities that are waiting to be discovered. We produced a comprehensive brand guide and a brochure, highlighting everything that Basel Area could offer to businesses.

Basel Area needed a lot of information on their new website which could have become overwhelmingly complex to manage and navigate. We realised that the level of complexity needed as well as a level of independence for three key sections required three separate websites. We built and linked these sites together on the backend for seamless control using Wordpress multisite which we integrated with Hubspot’s content marketing automation. We also integrated multi-language functionality making it easy to provide content in several different languages.

Three sites created:

Basel Area Business & Innovation
Innovation Promotion
Investment Promotion

As well as two additional sites to support their DayOne & BaseLaunch initiatives 

"Working with UP Digital on our websites has been an absolute delight. Their support team is super friendly and incredibly dedicated to ensuring our online presence thrives. I appreciate the level of personal involvement and interaction they bring to the table. Collaborating with a team that goes the extra mile to understand our needs and tailor their solutions accordingly is refreshing."

Isabelle Wymann
Digital Marketing Manager, Basel Area