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Think of your ‘digital strategy’ as your ‘sales strategy’. The days of digital playing second fiddle to your offline activities are long gone.

At the start of all our web projects, we make sure we understand the goal of your site. This includes the role it plays in your sales pipeline, and how your online and offline channels integrate with it.

We take the time to understand your audience, competitors, your USP, and what will keep you at the forefront of your sector.

And then we craft the most usable and beautiful site for your customers.

The internet is an outstanding leveler! In our opinion, never have truer words been written. Your website is your shop window, and it’s up to you to choose whether you want be budget or luxury...

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UX design

User experience, or UX (as it is commonly known), can seem like a jungle of jargon. A language only developers in dark offices, powered by sticky energy drinks know.
The reality is, it’s all about creating a straightforward product that is simple to use, and understands its intended users.

It should feel as though it has been crafted specifically for YOU. 


The last few years haven’t been kind to bricks and mortar retailers. Take Primark for example. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they reported monthly sales to be around £650 million. But following forced closures in lockdown, they made nothing. Zilch. Zero. Why? They have no online store.
As the footfall on the high street has taken a plunge for many reasons, online stores have never done better.


Google loves fresh, current content. Keep your website up to date, and the rewards will be seen in the search engines.
Many businesses will blame janky CMS platforms for their outdated websites. Perhaps they’re hard to use, perhaps they aren’t sophisticated enough. But there’s no excuse anymore. There are a myriad of awesome CMS systems on the market and many are open-source, others have annual licensing. Each with their own specialities and pros/cons.
It’s important to have a process that can adapt accordingly

It’s important to have a process that can adapt accordingly

All digital marketing agencies worth their salt should be able to articulate a process like ours. It is the basis for all good web projects. However, the way we tackle a couple of the stages are really rather special and is what sets UP Digital apart from our peers.

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