E-ployment. The cloud based model of working


The UP model of cloud-based working

A new way of working in the cloud 

It’s not employment. It’s not freelancing. It’s a movement.

We all know the world is changing rapidly. Things seem to be converging more and more as our personal and work lives become increasingly intermingled. Traditional employment is fast becoming a thing of the past.

E-Ployment is a movement and new way of working providing the support of employment, with the freedom of being an individual worker all enabled via easy to access cloud-based tools and common processes. Remote workers and digital nomads alike are embracing it.

E-Ployment combines the benefits of self-employment with the advantages of working as part of a close team in a company. You get the best of both worlds. UP THERE, EVERYWHERE pioneered this new model, wrote a book on it and even created an IT system that supports it globally. 

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