Written by Lawrence Masle | Netherlands
on May 24, 2019

A bit more than 8 years ago, we started a movement here at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE.  A movement to change the way the world works.  Leveraging the power of the cloud to work anytime, anywhere.  Bringing together exceptional talent, empowering them to collaborate, and developing strategic brand and creative executions for our clients around the world.  We even coined a term to describe this new way of working: e-ployment.  Now, we have taken it a step further and are introducing a new membership rewards program called MOVE ON UP.

Membership rewards program

As UP grows, we continuously look for ways to improve the UP community. The new UP membership rewards program is designed to raise the levels of engagement across the community and recognize the members who help make UP exceptional. 

Watch this video from the UP Global Meeting in Mallorca to learn more about the MOVE ON UP program. 


The UP Model: E-ployment

By coming together as a collective community, the members of UP have been able to serve larger clients than they would alone. Take a look at our show reel on our website. None of us would have been able to create the work shown there on our own, if not part of a full-service global agency.

Working the way we do isn’t for everyone.  It requires a certain set of values.  Self-responsibility is one of the corner stones of our organization.  But with that comes, flexibility and balance, and a better way to work and live.  

But it’s not just better for us.  It’s better for the planet.  Less commuting time, less travel, sustainable business models, the list goes on.  We have only begun to harness the power of the cloud, and all of its advantages.

We’ve seen over the years that members of the UP Community value the flexibility of e-ployment.  They enjoy the high quality of work that we create for our clients.  And find the community aspect of UP to go far beyond your typical networks.

As UP grows, we continuously look for ways to improve the UP community.  That's why we introduced the new UP membership rewards program.  We’re convinced that the more you put into UP, the more you will get out of it.  

Stay tuned to see what’s next, and see how changing the way the world works is the way of the future.

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