Bethany Skinnard | UK

Bethany is a PR & Content Strategist based in London. Bethany has over 18 years of multi-sector experience. Bethany’s diverse experience spans government communications, environmental issues, healthcare, professional services, charity and lifestyle brands. Bethany’s professional strengths include PR strategy and tactical execution, media relations and crisis management.
06 Apr 2023

How are companies catering to eco-conscious travelers?

With the World Economic Forum ranking climate action failure as the to...

01 Feb 2023

European cities acting on their sustainability pledges

The need to mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change has nev...

14 Dec 2022

Five ways you could make your company more socially responsible

As a result of the gridlocked United Nations (UN) climate talks in Nov...

22 Sep 2022

Is all remote work created equal? A review of 8 remote work styles

The concept of remote working isn’t new. However, the COVID-19 pandemi...

18 Aug 2022
UP FOR GOOD Featured | 7 min read

Brands rebuilding lives: How socially responsible companies are supporting refugees

Few could fail to be moved by the extent of the current refugee crisis...

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