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on January 10, 2011

BASE-UP Project Management Model

How we develop winning brand strategy

Brief > Audit > Strategy > Execution > Follow-UP

BASE-UP is a Brand Development Model members of our team have devised and refined to help structure new and existing brand and communications strategy projects.

This simple five-step approach has been used successfully for over 20 years. It’s a way of structuring projects through the main development phases in a systematic way.


Stage One: Brief

The brief sets clear and defined objectives for the project.

It will define the following:

  • Target audiences (internal & external)
  • Essential messages
  • Media considerations
  • Budgets
  • Timing and all other key factors related to
    the project

Stage Two: Audit

The Audit covers two important parts:

External audit: Gives us a understanding of what the outside world thinks of our clients brand, product and services.

Internal audit: This is conducted with the client organization working with key internal stakeholders to capture their views and thoughts.

Both external and internal audits can be conducted via one on one interviews or workshops where we will work with the participants to capture their views and thoughts. 

These workshops could cover Brand + Identity, Communications, Value Propositions and more. 

Stage Three: Strategy

Depending on the brief, a strategy playback could cover the following: visions and missions, brand and identity, value propositions, organizational values and media & marketing planning. 

The strategy’s main purpose is to bring to life the thinking to date in a informed and actionable way. In some instances it may even cover some initial creative thinking and ideas.

Stage Four: Execution

The development of the actual materials defined in the strategy playback.

At this point a team of specialist’s could work on anything from Identity, Advertising, PR, Exhibitions, Film, CGI and Digital.

Digital covers the following areas:

  • Web development and hosting
  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media
  • App Development

Stage Five: Follow up

After a project is completed we will check back and see what is working what needs adjustment. This happens at an agreed point that is appropriate to the type of project.  It is an opportunity for us to test the success of the communications and also a chance for us to listen and respond to your customers and internal audiences needs. 

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Project Manager's Desk Reference

The BASE-UP model appears in a chapter of The Project Manager’s Desk Reference by Dr. James Lewis, founder of The Lewis Institute for Project Management. The chapter was originally written by Julian Stubbs and Dr. Lewis, and the focus is on managing brand and marketing communications planning successfully.

The Project Managers Desk Reference, published by McGraw-Hill is available from Amazon.

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