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Jesper Ek )

Jesper EK

Head of UP FOR PEOPLE | Stockholm, Sweden

Jesper Ek joined UP in 2017 and leads UP's speciality area for employer branding and internal communications, UP FOR PEOPLE.

Ek has over 20 years of corporate pharmaceutical and medtech experience leading teams in Roche, Biovitrum and Pharmacia Corp in Europe and North America. He has broad experience in pre launching and launching health care products such as Avastin, Tarceva and Accu-Chek. He was responsible for company communication as well as leading marketing and sales teams over the years with a strong proven track record in leadership and sales results.

Jesper Ek is one of Sweden’s leading public speakers in the arena of leadership and engagement.  Jesper's core belief is that in business "nothing begins with results, everything begins with people."

This philosophy is driven from his own experience of turning around both employee engagement and sales in his last corporate position as Head of Nordics at Roche Diagnostics.

Jesper was be the co-host of UP's event e-ployment: The Future of Work?


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