A celebration of peace

Creating a new brand identity and website for iconic event 

Founded by Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Peace Prize is one of five prizes that have been awarded annually since 1901 by the Nobel Foundation. The Concert takes place every year on December 11 in Oslo, Norway, the day following the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony.

In March 2011, the Norwegian Nobel Institute and IMG, the organization that plans the Concert, asked us to create a fresh identity, website and social media platform. 

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Nobel Peace Prize Concert

The Brief

The client asked UP to carry the concert and its message to a wider audience. They also felt that the existing identity and website did not fully reflect the contemporary nature of the Concert itself. What’s more, they wanted to communicate more strongly that the Concert was a celebration to recognize each year’s Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. A key aspect of the brief was that the project team needed to be truly international — with members in Sweden, Norway and the USA — to work with client teams based in those locations.

Nobel peace prize concert

The work

The new identity and official website (nobelpeaceprizeconcert.org) reflects a more dynamic, contemporary approach. It reaches out to a younger, more international audience with interactive social media elements. Short films of the events many artists were created, allowing viewers to watch just their favourite stars. Alongside the website we also prepared a national advertising campaign that ran in Norway, as well as Nobel’s first online advertising campaign that included social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and banner advertising.


The Logo

A number of different design directions were initially explored looking at typography, color and the Nobel medal icon itself. These were re ned down until a nal design approach was found that reflected both the heritage of Nobel and the Peace Prize itself as well as the more contemporary nature of the Concert. Importantly, co-brand versions of the identity also had to be developed that would be appropriate for the sponsors of the event.




The Website

The new website design needed to re ect the heritage of the concert while showcasing current and past concert artists and hosts in a more exciting and interactive way. The website redesign therefore features previous concerts, artists and hosts dating back to 1999, with images and details about past concerts.

In parallel, UP developed a Facebook page and a YouTube channel in order to help further extend the audience for the event. The updated Nobel Peace Prize Concert website reflects a more dynamic, contemporary approach to the concert, and reaches out to a younger, more international audience with interactive social media elements.

UP_Nobel_Peace_prize concert UP work Frame7


The online campaign ran at www.dagbladet.no from 5 to 9 December and resulted in 5.7 million impressions. The website received nearly 30,000 unique visitors between its launch in late October and the end of December, with a total of 82,000 page view impressions between November and December. This is an increase of more than 100% from 2010. The peak was on 11 December, the day of the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, with 9,000 impressions.

The Official Nobel Peace Prize Concert Facebook page was launched on 24 October. The page interaction had close to 23,000 posts viewed October – January. In addi- tional several of the artists posted comments about their participation at the Concert on their o cial websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and continued post- ing and tweeting throughout the Concert.

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