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Developing a new identity for a market leader


Wellspect supports people suffering from urinary retention or chronic constipation by providing systems for bladder and bowel management. They give freedom and normality back to people suffering from debilitating conditions, allowing their customers the time and the confidence to do what they love. They are the manufacturers of the market leading brand Lofric. 




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One initial challenge in the case of Wellspect was that healthcare practitioners (HCPs), the main customers of Wellspect, were more aware of the individual product brands than the company itself. Even though the brands were seen as very high quality there was no link back to the Wellspect corporate brand which was relatively unknown. 

UP used the BASE-UP (Brief, Audit, Strategy, Execution and follow UP) project management approach in developing this project. 

The brief

One of UP’s tasks was to unite the disparate visual identity of all the Wellspect brands and help revitalize the image of the company, helping make it more focuzed on the people who were enjoying a freer and fuller life thanks to their products.

Next step was the audit. We firstly conducted an external survey with HCPs, doctors and nurses to better understand awareness and perceptions of the Wellspect brand and products in the market as well as that of competitors.

We also conducted internal surveys of the sales teams to understand how the Wellspect brand was perceived internally from their perspective. We also held internal branding workshops at company offices in Gothenburg and Los Angeles, engaging over forty marketing, product and sales executives. 

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The solution

Following the audit, we developed a crisp new corporate identity and brand architecture, developing cohesion between Wellspect and their product brands. This coherent approach made the brand look more coordinated and importantly put a strategy in place for future brand and product development. New brand and identity guides were created as tools to help everyone within the organization understand how to work with this new brand identity. 

With that came the roll out of the new brand. The decision was made to launch this at the European Sales Meeting, an event attended by over 250 salespeople. To make this even more impactful actors were hired  to help bring the brand to life, personifying the wellspect brand of today and tomorrow, showing the brand journey Wellspect was now on. 

The results

A new and strong Wellspect brand was launched in January 2018 at the European sales meeting. Wellspect and all the product brands had an upgraded and consistent visual identity with a focus on making a real difference for the customer and Wellspect are positioned as a devoted expert who cares deeply about patient wellbeing.

Two years after the brand launch, UP was invited back to the Wellspect sales meeting to talk about the progress of the brand. Here we were able to present positive results from a new internal survey of the sales force, reflecting enhanced awareness, much stronger consistency and closer alignment between employees and the mission the company is on. 

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