How to become an UP member

How do you join UP?


How to become an UP member

So you like the idea of becoming part of a global team that works in distributed teams through the cloud. But what does that mean?

All people are different, so we encourage our members to work where they work best. So some of the time we work remotely but when needed we also work from one of our creative spaces in Stockholm, Uppsala, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Guildford and New York. 

But not everyone can join UP THERE, EVERYWHERE. We don’t offer traditional employment. We are not after a network of freelancers. We believe there's a much better model. We call it e-ployment®

Instead, we have a closely-knit community of members. Independent professionals who find us by referral from existing members or clients, and who have a past track record of successful work. Every week we get applicants wanting to join us from all over the world and we turn the majority down because they do not come with a referral or they do not have the necessary background. 

We seek out like-minded individuals who excel in the particular creative, digital or marketing role in which they specialize. The quality of work that we deliver for our clients is paramount and totally dependent on the people in our community, so we place enormous focus on our membership recruitment and induction process. Induction covers how UP operates, the software platforms we all use, the processes we work by so everything UP does is consistent and uniform, right across the globe. 

Members by referral only

It’s fair to say that the demands we place on members and the way we work as a connected-community are not for everyone. An application to join UP requires a referral from at least one existing member and an endorsement from a second member after a personal interview.

Apart from demonstrating excellence in a particular area, candidates have to agree to abide by a simple set of our Rules and Business Conditions before membership is approved. And they must bring something to the table that UP does not already have.

To be considered for UP membership, please complete this application form. 

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What is e-ployment®?

We all know the world is changing rapidly. Things seem to be converging more and more as our personal and work lives become increasingly intermingled. Traditional employment is fast becoming a thing of the past. 

e-ployment® is a new way of working providing the support of employment, with the freedom of being an individual worker all enabled via easy to access cloud based tools. 

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