Written by Stuart Delves | UK
on March 24, 2023

The dreaming spires of Merton College, Oxford, beckon as the setting for the next UP THERE, EVERYWHERE Creative Writers Retreat. 

What inspiration this city has given to some of the greatest writers of all time. The likes of Lord of the Rings, The Narnia series of books and Alice in Wonderland were all created by writers with a close attachment to this incredible place. 

That’s why UP are using it as the next location in their series of Creative Writers Retreats. From April 4th to 6th, a group of UP senior leaders will be hosted by Merton College Oxford, for the first in person writers retreat since before the pandemic. The Retreat will be led by one of UP’s Senior Writers, Stuart Delves, who co-founded Dark Angels Creative Writing for Business in 2004. This will be the sixth Retreat or Master Class he has run at Merton.

The nineteen UP attendees from across Europe will be challenged creatively over the two days to stretch their own writing abilities. The retreat offers an intense experience with everyone producing and presenting their writing across the two days. All attendees will be living at the college to get the full Oxford experience. 

UP co-founder Julian Stubbs said, ‘At UP THERE, EVERYWHERE we’ve always believed in investing in our own members and their core skills. We’ve run a number of such Writers Retreats online before, and had really positive feedback, but you can’t beat in person events to really get team members to bond.’ He went on to add, ‘We’d love to extend these sessions to a wider audience as well by including clients within the sessions.’ 

If you are interested in running such a session with your marketing team, helping the team to bond at the same time as honing their writing and communication skills, connect with UP here.

Learn more about retreats here!

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