Written by Lawrence Masle | Netherlands
on May 24, 2023

There’s a great deal of discussion currently going on around the future of work and where it will land post pandemic. For many CEOs, there’s little guidance on exactly what the right formula is, and this will likely differ from organization to organization, largely due to the inherent corporate culture of each company. At UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, we’ve been pioneering a new way of working called e-ployment for over a decade, well before the recent pandemic. Following are a few lessons that we’ve learned along the way that will hopefully inspire you to reflect further on the future of work for your own organization.

Trust and results are the foundation for a strong company culture. Give your people the space to get the job done, and they will deliver professionally, often exceeding expectations. Measure them on the results achieved, not on the time it took to get the job done or the amount of face time they put in the office.

Leadership is far superior to management. At UP, we manage our work but not our people. However, we do lead our people. We have experts across the agency who provide leadership to various company functions and industry sectors. Our people turn to these leaders when they seek guidance or expertise.

We cracked the productivity challenge from the beginning, by allowing people to work when and where they work best. That can be from home, at one of the UP Creative Hubs around the world, from a cafe, a hotel in a different city, or a room with a great view. Some people work more in the early morning hours, others more in the evening, and most of us somewhere in between. This may be due to family responsibilities for young children or elderly parents, getting some proper exercise, volunteering, personal appointments, etc. Being able to combine both your professional and personal lives without having to sacrifice either makes for a much higher level of productivity (and less stress, leading to a healthier workforce).

Embrace technology and the power that it enables. Travel when necessary to meet in person, but always ask the question first, can we conduct this meeting online just as easily and efficiently? Again, it goes back to a much higher level of productivity, better work-life balance, and has less burden on the environment.

We’ve found that by establishing Creative Hubs, people go to the office when they have a purpose to do so, often to collaborate with fellow colleagues or to meet up with clients. People will proactively meet up when there is a reason to do so. This means less overhead has to be spent on big office spaces. Create collaborative meeting spaces for people to meet up and work together. Make sure it’s at a central location, has great coffee, proper meeting rooms, and call booths for taking phone calls.

An UP Creative Hub

Sound simple? Well, it is. The post-pandemic period provides us with a fresh start. To think differently, smarter, better. What’s best for the company, our workforce, and the planet. All of these resources are precious. Don’t squander any of them at the expense of the others. Go out and be a force in defining the future of work at your company. Greater success will be the result.

About the author

Lawrence Masle is CEO of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the world’s first global cloud based agency. UP THERE, EVERYWHERE pioneered the e-ployment model over a decade ago, and is today redefining the future of work.

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