Lawrence Masle | Netherlands

Lawrence Masle is on the UP leadership team and is a business development manager and marketing strategist in the Netherlands.
15 Feb 2022
News UP Gothenburg | 2 min read

UP Gothenburg is now up and running

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the world’s first global, cloud-based branding, ...

25 Jun 2020
UP Membership UP Tips | 2 min read

5 tips for running a cloud-based business

Business disruption due to the current COVID-19 pandemic has been monu...

11 Oct 2019

My top 5 takeaways from Dubai about Place Branding

Last week, I had the honor of delivering a keynote speech about the im...

24 May 2019

UP Membership Rewards program: MOVE ON UP

A bit more than 8 years ago, we started a movement here at UP THERE, E...

20 Nov 2018
International UP FOR ASIA | 5 min read

East meets West: An intercultural interview about crossing borders

Populism, protectionism and nationalism are all current trends we hear...

09 Nov 2018
International News | 1 min read

New focus area – UP FOR ASIA – helps clients bridge the gap between East and West

UP is pleased to announce the launch of a new focus area within our gl...

12 Feb 2018
e-ployment Cloud | 4 min read

From startups to services: Three secrets to building a successful cloud-based business

It’s no secret that the cloud has significantly disrupted the way busi...

19 Apr 2017
News Cloud UP UP Membership | 2 min read

Cloud-based agency expands in the Netherlands and opens UP Creative Space Amsterdam

Trying to find the perfect flexible office space in an international c...

03 Nov 2016

Expect more out of your agency

Professional service industries like advertising agencies have been ha...

30 Jul 2015

Working in the cloud: Five ways to maximize online collaboration

  In June 2010 a group of innovative thinkers set out to create a new ...

30 Apr 2011
International | 1 min read

Queen’s Day

Today in the Netherlands it’s Queen’s Day, a national holiday honoring...

07 Apr 2011
| 1 min read

Transatlantic Business Corridor

The other day, I was attending a member function at AmCham, the Americ...

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