Shari Monnes | Boston

Shari Monnes is a Digital Team Leader with a specialty in Inbound Marketing, SEO and Social Media Strategy. She is also a writer and blog content creator based in Boston, MA.
31 May 2016
Social Media | 2 min read

How to use employee advocacy and social media to amplify your brand message

Leveraging employee advocacy through social media is a smart way to ma...

02 May 2016
Digital SEO | 3 min read

How mobile optimized is your website?

About a year ago, Google implemented a “mobile friendly” update that p...

05 Apr 2016
Content Marketing | 6 min read

Five reasons to start using content marketing now

The art and practice of content marketing has become an important tren...

17 Mar 2016

Seven tips for social media success in highly regulated industries

For many business in highly regulated environments (such as pharma, me...

14 Mar 2016
Inbound Marketing | 17 min read

The ABCs of inbound marketing: A glossary of must-know terms

Even if the concept of inbound marketing is not new to you, you may fi...

08 Mar 2016

What is inbound marketing and how can it help me?

Inbound marketing isn't just for consumer-facing companies. In fact, f...

11 Feb 2016
Social Media | 1 min read

What motivates people to share content on social media?

According to a study of global social media usage by Ispos Open Thinki...

17 Nov 2015

Place branding podcast focuses on Boston, the inbound revolution and iconic landmarks

In the third episode of Wish You Were Here: The Place Branding Podcast...

22 Oct 2015

Developing an International Inbound & Content Marketing Strategy

There is more to Content Marketing than just bombarding the world with...

14 Oct 2015

Place branding podcast focuses on New York

Episode 2 of the The Place Branding Podcast: Wish You Were Here featur...

13 Oct 2015
Digital Inbound Marketing | 5 min read

Inbound Marketing Report- How do marketing priorities differ around the globe?

Since the start of the digital age, the role of marketing and advertis...

02 Oct 2015
Social Media | 1 min read

Build your brand on LinkedIn with long-form posts

Are you using LinkedIn to build your brand by creating content that sh...

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