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Shari Monnes is a Digital Team Leader with a specialty in Inbound Marketing, SEO and Social Media Strategy. She is also a writer and blog content creator based in Boston, MA.
14 May 2012
Website Design | 2 min read

WordPress CMS? A good idea?

Is WordPress a good CMS tool for business web sites? There are some ha...

03 May 2012
News | 1 min read

Meeting UP in Stockholm

Although working for a cloud-based agency may mean that members work f...

15 Mar 2012
Digital Social Media | 2 min read

How New Facebook Timeline Pages Will Impact Brands

As of March 30, 2012, Facebook will change the design format for all P...

07 Feb 2012
Digital Social Media | 2 min read

10 Hot Social Media Sites for Marketers

If your knowledge of social media sites is limited to Facebook and Twi...

13 Dec 2011

Highlights of Nobel Peace Prize Concert Press Conference

Just a few short hours before the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Concert, the ...

20 Sep 2011

Do you speak internet without an accent?

What kind of accent do you have? This isn’t a question about your nati...

02 Aug 2011
| 1 min read

Second UP* meeting sparks new ideas

I attended my second UP* meeting yesterday, and the first-ever in the ...

09 May 2011
Digital Social Media | 1 min read

Why social media is here to stay

Like the Internet, and TV before it, and radio before that, many thoug...

22 Apr 2011
Advertising Creativity | 1 min read

The Power of Words

How many ways can you convey a message? We have so many ways to convey...

30 Mar 2011
Digital Social Media | 1 min read

Timing your tweets for B2B

I listened to a great webinar yesterday offered by Hubspot (an inbound...

26 Mar 2011

LinkedIn reaches 100 million users worldwide

LinkedIn announced today that they have reached 100 million users. It’...

11 Mar 2011
International | 1 min read

Can you go back to Sweden again?

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE held a company launch meeting in the historic tow...

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