UP locations

At UP, we don’t do traditional offices but we do have a number of global Creative Hubs where we hang and you can meet us in person. Our people, of course, work everywhere. 

Our Creative Hubs

UP Creative Hubs

Visit us in one of our Creative Hubs around the globe.
UP Stockholm Sweden Marketing Agency)

Stockholm, Sweden

Where to find us:
GT30, Grev Turegatan 30, 114 38, Stockholm

UP was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in January 2011 so it naturally feels a bit like home.

The Swedish capital is a vibrant and open city that provides the perfect location for UP Sweden. We run many workshops in and around the city and have an intimate link with it due to our place branding work for the branding of Stockholm as The Capital of Scandinavia.

The mix of people in UP Sweden is truly international and we are easily Sweden’s most international agency with Americans, British, Finns, Bulgarians, French, Chinese and even Swedes working with us.

UP London UK Team Marketing Agency)

London, UK

Where to find us:
191 Wood Lane, London, W12 7FP

We have a strong and active community in UP UK with our creative space located in the capital at the old BBC campus on Wood Lane, White City. Our UK team focus on both domestic and international projects with a keen eye on creating new and unexpected experiences for brands that need to stand out.

UP New York East Coast US TEAM  Marketing Agency)

New York, USA

Where to find us:
433 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

The city that never sleeps is a pretty good place for UP to have its east coast location. Located in the very heart of Soho the UP Creative Hub New York is surrounded by a vibrant and creative environment.

Fancy hitting a restaurant after work? Then we can offer cool, hip swanky – in fact just about anything, the choice is yours. 

UP Asia Team China Marketing Agency)


Shanghai, China

Where to find us:
29/F, Shanghai Tower, 501 Middle Yincheng Road, China

We have a strong and active UP community working in Asia with our regional Creative Hub located in Shanghai, China, providing branding, marketing and digital services for innovative western companies going into Asia, and vice versa. UP FOR ASIA includes members in China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Where to find us:
Johan Huizingalaan 763a, 1066 VH Amsterdam

Amsterdam was one of the first places UP expanded into. Now with a strong UP community in The Netherlands, it’s a natural choice for the UP Creative Hub, which is located in the B. Amsterdam facilities at Johan Huizingalaan 763A.

With a truly multilingual team, UP NL works with both domestic and international clients.

UP Hamburg Team German Advertising Agency )

Hamburg, Germany

Where to find us:
Kleine Rainstraße 44, 2nd Floor, D-22765 Hamburg

We love Hamburg and not just because it’s a dynamic, fun, city that’s on the move, but because we have a great UP team located here. Again we have an international team that works right across the UP community, consisting of strategists, senior creatives, designers and writers. If you fancy meeting us in Hamburg, drop us a note and we can show you St Pauli like no one else.

UP West Coast California Team San Francisco Agency)

San Francisco, California

Creative Hub to come soon

We already have an active UP community working on the US west coast in Silicon valley and San Francisco and we’re looking right now for the right place to open our Creative Hub in California.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

UP Middle East

UP Middle East has a presence in Dubai, the global business hub with the philosophy of “connecting minds, creating future”.

Choosing to work with a team that is a part of the UP global community means you get access to a much wider range of services and expertise than any other agency has been able to offer before.

UP Dubai is headed by Asra Eftekhari, a senior marketing strategist with 21 years experience in the MENA region across multiple industries: digital, retail, luxury, fashion, technology and management consulting. The Middle East team works closely with UP members around the globe for a range of  international clients. 

UP Australia)

Sydney, Australia

Where to find us:
19-21 South Steyne, Manly, NSW 2095

UP has also a strong community working in Australia, comprising research, strategy, writing, design and analytics muscles across both Sydney and Melbourne.

Several of the UP Australia members live on Sydney’s northern beaches and our creative centre is located in a co-creation space right on iconic Manly Beach. Manly is famous for many things, including being where the world’s first surfing contest was held in 1964.

It has top notch surfing, a beautiful underwater reserve and some of the fluffiest cappuccinos that can be found on earth. Bring your swimmers and pop in to say hi. 

Image UP Copenhagen + Malmö)

Copenhagen + Malmö

Creative Hub coming soon:
Southern Sweden and Denmark

UP has also a strong community in Copenhagen and Malmö, which combines the best of Swedish "fika" and Danish "hygge" in one team. You could call them the creative bridge in this vibrant region, actually the largest metropolitan area in Scandinavia.

With UP Copenhagen + Malmö you get our local experience from a wide range of services and industries - covering all UP Focus Areas, with a blend to match the local mix of industries - connected to the larger and equally experienced UP community of marketing professionals around the world. 

Uppsala Team Global Marketing Agency)

Uppsala, Sweden

Where to find us:
Uppsala Castle, Entrance D, 752 37 Uppsala

UP's second Swedish base is in the beautiful city of Uppsala, which lies about 80 kilometers north of Stockholm.  Located in Uppsala Castle (sounds a bit grand, and it is!), the UP Creative Hub has amazing views looking down over this old academic city famous for its discoveries in the life sciences. With our own strong life science and health focus, Uppsala is a perfect base for UP and we just love working here.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Where to find us:
Machinrum, Banehagsgatan 11, 41451 Gothenburg, Sweden

Home to much of Sweden’s export industry (and many of its most international brands), Gothenburg is a small city with a global reach. A famous seaport, Gothenburg and its businesses have always looked way beyond the horizon. So when the sea wind blows, our industries answer the call. And we theirs. The UP Gothenburg team is headed by  Account Manager Camilla Nordström and Creative Director Linus Bergkvist.


Helsinki, Finland

Where to find us:
Töölönkatu 7, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

UP Finland brings local companies the long awaited partner for global growth marketing. Working with UP Finland means that you get to work with an experienced local team in Finland who can connect you to the world via our global UP community of senior experts internationally.

UP Finland is led by Simon Etchells and Markku Nurminen, both proven marketing professionals with tons of experience in focused marketing, communications & product development in key sectors such as the entertainment, technology, retail and healthcare areas. 


Guildford, UK

Where to find us:
Shaw House, 2-3 Tunsgate, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3QT
UP has also a second UK base, in the beautiful town of Guildford, only 35 minutes from central London. The Creative Hub for UP for DIGITAL, the digital arm of the business, is located opposite a medieval castle and sandwiched between a huge selection of fabulous restaurants just a stone's throw from the historical high street. 
Our team work on a wide variety of digital projects across all UP locations—from design and build of e-commerce stores and websites to digital marketing and social media campaigns.