Written by Lawrence Masle | Netherlands
on June 25, 2020

Business disruption due to the current COVID-19 pandemic has been monumental. It’s also tested the digital readiness of many organizations to respond differently, pivoting with new opportunities.

Now more than ever, the way people and organizations work is changing. Running a traditional service-based business is too expensive, too inflexible, and too slow to scale up.

The cloud has enabled significant disruption. Today, you can build your business in the cloud with significantly less overhead, and focus on delivering true value to your clients. And perhaps even more importantly today, ensure business continuity!

Here are our 5 tips for running your business in the cloud, pulling from our decade of experience in running a global agency in the cloud:

  1. Recruit the right people. They should be great at what they do, be digitally savvy, and entrepreneurial. They see the same possibilities that you do. It’s about trust and self responsibility.
  2. Develop a core set of systems and processes to guide the business, and to ensure scalability. This includes a selection of key IT tools to enable secure, remote collaboration.
  3. Build a strong brand. It’s not only your promise to your customers, it’s the internal glue for your remote working organization.
  4. Create great teams. Forget about hierarchy. Empower people to lead. Manage the work, not the people.
  5. Exceed expectations. Deliver greater value. This is important in any service industry. But what’s interesting about doing so with a cloud based organization….it’s actually easier, because you are free from the burdens of a traditional organization.

Unleash the power or working in the cloud, and experience the possibilities. Today more than ever, it’s the path for building a business that is future ready.

Watch the video with TopUP Tips

Watch this video from Lawrence Masle with TopUP Tips for working remotely in the cloud during COVID-19 and beyond .


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