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Lawrence Masle

Lawrence Masle is on the UP leadership team and is a business development manager and marketing strategist in the Netherlands.

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East meets West: An intercultural interview about crossing borders

November 20, 2018 | Lawrence Masle

Populism, protectionism and nationalism are all current trends we hear and read about around the world. Do these topics make foreign markets seem even farther away and less accessible?

Not to us, here at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the world’s first global cloud-based agency. We transcend borders around the globe, and facilitate business and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe/North America.

UP FOR ASIA, International

New focus area – UP FOR ASIA – helps clients bridge the gap between East and West

November 09, 2018 | Lawrence Masle

UP is pleased to announce the launch of a new focus area within our global cloud-based agency offering: UP FOR ASIA. UP FOR ASIA provides branding, digital marketing and consultancy services for Asian businesses looking to enter and operate in the European/North American markets, as well as the reverse. 

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From startups to services: Three secrets to building a successful cloud-based business

February 12, 2018 | Lawrence Masle

It’s no secret that the cloud has significantly disrupted the way businesses are run today. Think about Über, Amazon and Facebook. Yet, most businesses have not moved into the cloud in their everyday way of working. Start-up companies using traditional models to build their businesses often struggle with high overhead costs, such as expensive office space and employee salaries and benefits.

Cloud, E-ployment

Cloud-based agency expands in the Netherlands and opens UP Creative Space Amsterdam

April 19, 2017 | Lawrence Masle

Trying to find the perfect flexible office space in an international city like Amsterdam is not easy.  But when UP THERE, EVERYWHERE - the world’s first global cloud based agency - met with the folks at B.Amsterdam, we knew that we finally found a home for opening an UP Creative Space in Amsterdam.  The member- oriented community at B. fits perfectly with UP, and we love the creative vibe that permeates throughout the entire building.

Cloud, E-ployment, News

Expect more out of your agency

November 03, 2016 | Lawrence Masle

Professional service industries like advertising agencies have been hampered for decades by traditional organizational structures and large amounts of overhead. Today, enabled by cloud based platforms and digital tools, agencies are capable of delivering far better value than what has historically been produced.

E-ployment, Cloud, Digital, Marketing Strategy

Working in the cloud: Five ways to maximize online collaboration

July 30, 2015 | Lawrence Masle

(The following article was written by UP Member Lawrence Masle for the Thunderbird Magazine and appears on their website).


Queen’s Day

April 30, 2011 | Lawrence Masle

Today in the Netherlands it’s Queen’s Day, a national holiday honoring the royal House of Orange. While technically the Queen’s birthday is in January, Queen Beatrix decided to keep Queen’s Day on April 30th in honor of her own mother’s birthday. And the weather is generally nicer this time of year, too!

So what is Queen’s Day exactly? Well, basically it’s a day to be with family and friends. Cities and villages around the country will have games and entertainment for families with young children. For the young adult crowd, it’s simply a good occasion to celebrate.

So, if you’re a tourist in Amsterdam today, don’t be surprised if you’re swept away in the crowds! And if you’re lucky enough to be on a boat cruising the canals (that’s what I liked doing before moving into the family phase of life), it’s going to be a tight squeeze on the water!

Of course, you should also be wearing something orange, to help create a festive atmosphere for Queen’s Day. If you happen to be in another part of the world and you notice someone wearing orange today, they probably have a Dutch connection!

Did you experience Queen’s Day today, either planned or by chance? Oh perhaps you have a fond memory of Queen’s Day from years past. If so, please consider leaving a comment on this blog and sharing your experience further around this typical Dutch holiday. Are you UP for it?



Transatlantic Business Corridor

April 07, 2011 | Lawrence Masle

The other day, I was attending a member function at AmCham, the American Chamber of Commerce here in the Netherlands, which was brilliantly hosted by DAF Trucks in Eindhoven.

Technology as an Enabler

Technology as an Enabler

March 09, 2011 | Lawrence Masle

Technology has brought the world closer together. It empowers us to communicate instantaneously around the globe. It’s an enabler, not a means in itself.

Cloud, Technology

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