Julian Stubbs | Stockholm

Julian Stubbs is co-founder and CEO of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE. He is a Place Branding and Marketing Expert and speaks on the subject at events around the world. Julian is also a writer and digital content producer and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
18 Sep 2013
| 1 min read


Can't help it but I love taking trains. I work well, I can relax, have...

01 Sep 2013

City Branding: Liverpool Looks to Stockholm & UP

City Branding Event: Thursday 12 September, University of Liverpool, H...

28 Aug 2013

I amsterdam. Partner Marketing Day Speech by Julian Stubbs

 Julian Stubbs, Senior Brand Strategist at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE was ke...

09 Aug 2013
News | 2 min read

UP Opens Creative Space in New York

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the global cloud based agency, has opened UP in ...

30 Jul 2013
Cloud Creativity | 3 min read

Crowd Funded Collective Novel First of its Kind

Has it been done before, a group of writers creating one novel? ‘As I ...

08 Jul 2013
| 8 min read

July 4th, 2013. And I am in Amsterdam – I am.

July 4th, as we all know, is a rather special day. And for me it’s spe...

03 Jul 2013
Life Science Marketing | 1 min read

UP Brings a New Global Science Prize to Life

We're really excited to announce a major project we've been working on...

17 Jun 2013

Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague

  On your bike

28 May 2013

Liverpool. City on the UP

I’m lucky enough to be visiting one of my favourite cities in the worl...

13 Mar 2013
Cloud | 2 min read

Yahoo! or Yahoo? Have they totally lost the plot regarding remote working?

Yahoo has announced it is taking measures to ban its staff from “remot...

13 Mar 2013

Branding Oslo

UP has been asked by the city of Oslo to work on developing a new bran...

21 Jan 2013
Digital UP FOR REAL | 2 min read

Breaking Bad. Good or bad for Albuquerque?

Thanks to my oldest son, I have become hooked, as it were, on the hit ...

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