Written by Julian Stubbs | Stockholm
on October 21, 2014

Off to Riga, Latvia, this morning. I'm giving a speech tomorrow at the iLive 2014 Conference, that covers Content and Inbound Marketing, on the topic of the relevance of brands in today's digital world – Is #Branding still relevant in a #Digital World?

Riga- iLive conference location - UP speaker Julian Stubbs
UP member Julian Stubbs gave a speech in Riga, Estonia for iLive Conference in October 2014.

The topic was sparked by the publication of a new book called Absolute Value that argues that in the age of perfect information, brands are becoming less valuable. Looking at the evidence, and the recent valuations of brands in some of the benchmark surveys, I believe brands are actually becoming more valuable – not less so. But things are changing faster than ever and new brands appear from nowhere and with the power of digital, and in flattened world, have the ability to take market share rapidly. Look at Basecamp, Spotify and Beats.

Brands in the Digital Age

So I'll be taking a look at brands in the digital age and then I'll be talking about the Inbound marketing approach we take at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE for our clients and some of the practical ways we work with it. We're a HubSpot partner and work with their software platform and I'll be sharing some examples. For more on UP and Inbound take a look at our website: Inbound Marketing Services.

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At the end of the speech I've also agreed to take a few minutes to talk about UP, E-Ployment and our business model. We're being asked to speak more and more about the business model itself and it's being featured in a Daily Telegraph (UK) online article next week.

More on iLive

For more on iLive in Riga go to:


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