Julian Stubbs | Stockholm

Julian Stubbs is co-founder and CEO of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE. He is a Place Branding and Marketing Expert and speaks on the subject at events around the world. Julian is also a writer and digital content producer and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
08 Dec 2016

Speech on Place Branding with Ken Livingstone, at Almaty Invest 2016, Kazakhstan. 

Gave a keynote speech today on Place Branding & Marketing at the A...

23 Nov 2016
Place Branding | 19 min read

Place Branding: Stockholm The Capital of Scandinavia Ten Years On

Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia has now been in place as a market...

06 Jun 2016
Place Branding | 2 min read

‘So why are you called UP THERE, EVERYWHERE?’

It's a question that gets asked a lot. We do have a name that sort of ...

07 Mar 2016
Inbound Marketing | 1 min read

Inbound & Content Marketing Breakfast Seminar - April 14th

  The time is right for Inbound!  With the development over the past f...

26 Feb 2016

Three elements of great place branding

When it comes to creating a place brand that works, there is much more...

12 Dec 2015

UP continues work on Nobel Peace Prize Concert advertising and website

Warner Brothers, the media company responsible for this years' Nobel P...

10 Sep 2015
| 1 min read

Introducing: The Wish You Were Here Podcast

The Place Branding Podcast Are you passionate about place branding? Or...

15 Jul 2015
E-ployment | 1 min read

What is e-ployment?

It's not employment. It's not freelancing. It's something else. E-ploy...

06 Mar 2015
News | 2 min read

UP Sponsors Prize in International Marketing at King’s College London

Three students from the International Marketing Programme at Kings Col...

04 Mar 2015
Place Branding UP FOR REAL | 12 min read

TED Talk: Greece and the "C" word

Greece. So what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Well, unfortun...

06 Feb 2015
E-ployment Cloud | 4 min read

UP Mentioned on the NASDAQ.com website

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the global cloud based agency, has been featured...

28 Jan 2015

Q&A Place Branding and Destination Marketing

Q: What is the place branding process like? A: Branding a place, wheth...

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