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UP FOR GOOD - Building sustainable brands

What is UP FOR GOOD?

UP FOR GOOD specializes in business development and communications for sustainability, non-profit and corporate social responsibility. Between us, we have worked with and for some of the world’s leading corporations, organizations and institutions in these areas. There are pioneers among us.

We trust that you are truly committed to sustainability. You can trust us to do the right things, and to do them right. If we share your values, we’d love to work with you.

Building sustainable brands

We build sustainable brands. From strategic analysis and change management through to creative marketing and employee mobilization. Beyond that we call on experts from within our worldwide community as you need them. Whatever you need to do, we’ll offer our expertise and absolute commitment to help you build an authentic brand, create and add value through positive social impact.

We help business leaders deal with strategic social and sustainability issues while at the same time enhancing business strategies and results. We help non-profit organizations to develop the business side of their operations, and thus the odds for attracting financial support and strategic partnerships.

Corporate social responsibility

You don’t need us to tell you your reputation is probably your most valuable asset and, as you know, reputations are built on trust.

Employees, citizens and stakeholders all need to trust you. Obviously, trust means sales. Generating trust is all about doing the right thing and being seen to do it. CSR that combines your business goals with a critical social or environmental need will engage stakeholders and add to your bottom line through unexplored value creation. But your CSR strategy also needs to be right for you.

UP FOR GOOD can help you refocus your strategy so that it naturally integrates your social and ethical ambitions. Then we’ll find the right partners and leaders. We’ve done it many times before.

Who we work with:

Non-profits – It’s all about having the funding you need to make the difference you want to make. Wherever you are in the world, your non-profit organisation faces the challenge of building the right kind of brand to reach your target audiences in the most effective way.

Communities – More than ever, sustainable urban development is a key factor for our health and well-being, and for a competitive and sustainable business community. Our cities of the future must be built on “green” and fair concepts. This includes transportation, waste handling, water management and energy efficiencies, as well as a wide range of social responsibilities.

Corporate – We are totally convinced that the concept of sustainability is an essential part of any strategic planning for business development. With decades of experience, we can help you with strategic analysis and planning to align your sustainability work with your business priorities – building your brand on integrity, sustainability and high social involvement. 

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UP for Good - building sustainable brands
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