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Peter Bjellerup | Sweden

UP member Peter Bjellerup is a consultant, catalyst and change manager who develops organisations and leaders. Peter's line of work is as broad as his long career in organisational consulting and communications. He has worked in both online and offline communications as a strategist, account and project manager, with branding, marketing of all shades and colours, investor communications as well as external and employee communications. At IBM, his stubborn focus on target audiences and end users took him via user experience into employee collaboration and communications, becoming one of IBM’s world-wide expert consultants in the field, having trotted the globe both physically and virtually. His experience from multiple transformation projects has brought him into leadership development, employee engagement and motivational performance management.
27 Nov 2020

Stämma på distans?

Begränsningar på folksamlingar. Fysisk distansering. Rädsla för att få...

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