08 Jan 2021

The power of photography in building your brand

Alex Giacomini has built a formidable reputation shooting striking ima...

30 Apr 2019
Branding Marketing Featured | 4 min read

Harnessing the power of nostalgia in marketing

If someone were to write a book called Cakes and their Role in Literat...

19 Dec 2018

China Crisis: What can we learn from the D&G disaster?

How long does it take for a brand to go from being a big success to a ...

13 Mar 2018

Eight seconds to impress. Does your logo do it?

For many companies, the logo is the essence of the brand. Yet, are log...

22 Jan 2018
Branding | 6 min read

5 tell-tale signs of a weak brand and what you can do to strengthen it

Strong brands make more money than weak ones. Consumers flock to recog...

08 Dec 2017
Digital Branding Identity | 3 min read

What's the sound of your brand?

Modern science confirms what many of us have always known, instinctive...

04 Dec 2017

Jump off the bandwagon: Four lessons in IT branding

Are you scalable, flexible and cost efficient, too? How does your busi...

20 Jun 2017
Communications Branding | 4 min read

UP supports "SUPERLATIVES" with new brand-focused content offering

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke today at the "Day of German Indu...

01 Mar 2017
Branding Marketing | 1 min read

What the Beatles taught me about branding

How do you create a great brand? Well, great brands get great by doing...

10 Apr 2016
International Branding | 5 min read

Top 5 branding mistakes  — and some hilarious examples

We’ve all seen terrible or confusing brand names and logos. Some brand...

05 Nov 2015

Creating a strong IT brand means standing for something

Think of any great company, any one. Then think about what makes that ...

28 Jan 2015

Q&A Place Branding and Destination Marketing

Q: What is the place branding process like? A: Branding a place, wheth...

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