Robert England | Uppsala

After growing up in Hong Kong and getting a PhD in Biology in England, Robert did a post-doc in Sweden and moved there for good. He worked in startups launching new life science technologies globally, among them confocal imaging, microwave synthesis and pyrosequencing, today all well-established technologies in the life sciences. Working closely with scientists to understand the research and clinical mindset, he learned the art of marketing science and the power of branding in the online world. Today he leads UP FOR LIFE, the life science, medical device and healthcare wing of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the first global cloud-based agency for branding, inbound, digital, sound and vision to communicate and engage people with complex new ideas.
20 May 2020

Science communication is in trouble

The general public has an awful relation to science and its findings. ...

26 Sep 2018

Who can you trust these days?

Mega-trends in digital marketing: values and trust Most of today’s mar...

26 Feb 2018

What's the essential DNA of life science marketing today?

In order to truly communicate with life scientists, marketers need to ...

29 Sep 2017
Inbound Marketing | 4 min read

Finding freedom and the future at INBOUND 2017

The Inbound conference in Boston Sept 25-28 was a huge and colourful e...

20 Apr 2017

Seven things scientists won't tell you about how they choose products, goods and services

You may have noticed that scientists and engineers consider themselves...

27 Apr 2016

How I discovered the benefits of content and inbound marketing for life science and tech start-ups

Let me tell you a story which I hope, if you work at a tech start-up, ...

27 Feb 2015
Communications | 3 min read

Pitch Perfect -Should You Respond to an RFP?

Whenever an RFP (request for proposal) drops into my mailbox, I get a ...

23 Sep 2014

The CTO, The Sailor and The Guitar Maker : Real-World Stories of Inbound Marketing Success

At the INBOUND 2014 conference in Boston, I had the briefest of sponta...

15 Sep 2014

Three Strategies that Make Inbound Marketing Attractive for Life Sciences

As I opened my inbox this morning, Simon Sinek’s regular message was p...

02 Sep 2013

The world’s first Digital Health conference a major success

More than 400 delegates 80 speakers from the US, UK, Switzerland, Norw...

02 Sep 2013

Recognition – Rocket Fuel for Young Scientists

Incentives for scientists, especially young scientists, are few and fa...

28 Aug 2012
Cloud | 1 min read

A new way of working. A new way of living.

I get up on a Saturday morning and everyone is still snoozing around t...

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