Michelle Edwards | USA

Michelle is a Communications Specialist based in Beulah, Michigan. She's been an UP member since the very beginning (2011) and enjoys writing, editing, proofing and website work. Fluent in Japanese (although rusty), she has a good eye for catching a misprint, an understanding of the big picture but also an eye for detail, language, turning a wrench (she works enjoys working on British cars) and sorting out electrical issues.
01 Feb 2021
E-ployment UP Featured | 9 min read

Surviving COVID as a business — how did your basket of eggs fare?

Business headlines in 2020 weren’t pretty. Few were spared, this was p...

19 Jan 2021
Marketing Featured UP Tips | 5 min read

Deloitte’s 2021 insights: How are people and brands responding to the global pandemic?

The latest Global Marketing Trends Report from Deloitte offers a fasci...

17 Dec 2020

How to make a virtual writer's retreat incredibly real

"When I zoomed out after two long days attending the Writer's Retreat,...

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