Barry Monk

Barry Monk is a highly experienced, digital-savvy B2B and Technology content marketing specialist and writer and has worked with established and start-up/early growth companies. He has an editorial background and takes a journalistic approach to researching and breaking down complex topics to create compelling business narratives. He writes authoritative thought leadership/op-ed articles, blogs, website/SEO content, digital marketing campaigns, brochures, eBooks, white papers and media/investor content. Barry has industry experience in IT, fintech, insurtech, martech, retail, manufacturing, Industry 4.0, automation, engineering, telecoms, professional services and non-profit. He has in-depth knowledge of technologies including AI, SaaS, cybersecurity, data analytics, process automation, CRM and IoT. He is also a customer advocacy marketing expert, writing case studies, use cases, testimonials and creating entire customer advocacy programs. Barry is a keen photographer and has written five books on photography. He is also a musician, plays guitar and sings and gigs regularly.
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