Written by Julian Stubbs | Stockholm
on September 15, 2023

New films help answer some of the typical questions about Cloud Based Agency UP THERE, EVERYWHERE. 

UP has launched three new films that cover some of the typical questions people ask about the cloud based agency. 

Founder & Chairman Julian Stubbs explains why the new UP films were created. 

‘We’ve always known UP is a very different kind of agency - I don’t think there’s anyone like us on earth actually. That creates a lot of questions though in clients as well as our partners minds, so we’ve created three short films to help answer some of those typical questions.’


The three new films cover topics such as the types of areas the agency focuses on, how the agency works, as well as their solution to not having traditional offices. It even covers the agencies very different name. 

'Every time I check into a hotel or mention our company name, I always get asked the same question: "What do you guys do!" It's kind of cool, having such a different name and one that is so distinctive,' Stubbs commented. 



Founded in 2011, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is the world's first global cloud based agency and today has over 200 people globally. UP has been an advocate of remote working and the use of cloud based tools since day one, which helped the agency grow strongly during the pandemic, as it was just business as usual. The agency also has Creative Hubs across Europe, North America and the Far East.


'We've never liked the idea or expense of traditional offices,' Stubbs continued. 'Too old world and too inflexible for our tastes. But we love the idea of flexible working, allowing people to work both remotely and from our UP Global Creative Hubs. We've established a number of select locations around the world for our Creative Hubs, where we can meet each other or clients'.


UP clients include some of the world's leading life science and health companies, place and technology brands, and aesthetic brands with both a business-to-business and consumer focus. They offer creative and strategic services for everything from market research and analysis, branding, identity and communications, through to website and e-commerce site development, inbound, content and social media marketing, to film and webinars.

Links to the new UP films on YouTube can be found below. If you’re an UP member, partner or client please share these links and help get the word about UP out there.

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