Written by Shari Monnes | Boston
on April 01, 2013

Social media, and Facebook advertising, may seem like a big black hole to many business owners and brand managers. But in reality, setting up a Facebook or social media campaign is not only essential for any consumer brand today, but also a great brand message testing platform for many B2B brands. Once you understand a few basic principles about using social media, you’ll be on your way. In social media, it’s all about being real and having an authentic voice. 

In fact, that is one of the first principles. Just be yourself…only amplified. Yourself - Better. It’s thinking about how to translate the essence of what your company or brand is all about into interesting and tidy bits of information, or content. Yes, in social media, “content is king.” Let's start by looking at Facebook Advertising.

Advertising on Facebookfacebook_advertising


Facebook offers a number of resources to help advertisers get their feet wet and understand the Facebook advertising landscape. The variety of advertising programs and types of units they offer may seem overwhelming at first, but nearly all of them are simple enough to set up and use, and best of all, to track without any sophisticated technical know-how.

However, if you feel like you need a bit of hand-holding, you can get support from a Facebook representative. Facebook offers a “Start to success program” for new advertisers. It requires a minimum $50/day (30 Euros/day) spent on advertising for 30 days. In return, you not only get help in learning to target your ads and reaching your goals (whether that means growing your Page “likes” or driving traffic to your website for sales), but you also get the one-on-one support of a Facebook account manager (Client Partner).

How to get started?

Here are a few resources from Facebook to check out:

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook’s "Steps to Business Success"

Facebook Advertising Best Practice Guide



Still want more help?

Contact UP There, Everywhere for more information about setting up a social media program using our *BLEAT service.

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